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I had a dream I was riding a motorcycle 🏍️

But not just any motorcycle, a frickin’ chopper! One I absolutely did not know how to drive. 😅 I kept forgetting you gotta turn the handle (throttle?) to accelerate and when I would, I would get all nervous getting my feet in place while the thing was moving, letting them dangle off the side! 😱 It was pretty realistic, lol. I remember I couldn’t turn that thing for shit either. I’d be at a turn on the road and cross over into the other lane because my turns were so wide! That got a bit scary in my dream. 😬 Not sure why I dreamt that… Maybe because I thought before riding a motorcycle would be kinda fun, even though they scare me. Perhaps this dream was ironically meant as a wake-up call for me forget about that idea and just stick to vehicles. Motorcycles [i]are[/i] scary. 😓

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