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Shave or dont shave? 馃

My face you dirty bastards
WaafaS26-30, F
I like a guy with a beard.
Axelerator26-30, M
I'd you like how it looks, then don't shave.

For me its silly, I spent my whole life shaving, always thinking that any beard would look ugly or at least not fit.

Until I gave it a try, and it turns out it fits me objectively much better. Now I see no reason to shave again lol, I much prefer it.

You just gotta accept that its an investment. It won't look great for a while, but then later it'll compensate.
starmitzy51-55, F
Yeah get rid of that hairy mess
Shave it.
CommandLine56-60, M
I don't shave my face anymore. Will be able to go for a new job soon, when the shops get their grotto's ready. Don't even need to dye it, as its white already lol.
Stubble is good
@NightsWatch 馃槈 all them dark thoughts.

You charmer
@Bexsy awe your a sweet heart !
@NightsWatch thank you. Don't feel like much of one lately lol
I tried a beard but it added ten years to my look..
I shave but not the mustache. I've had it all my adult life..
Just shape it rather than shave it. A well groomed and shaped beard is like a visual mating call 馃榿
Miklee0251-55, F
Grow it out see if you like it
@Miklee02 I have previously, it is shadow at the moment.
Miklee0251-55, F
@Ozymandiaz I like shadows 馃槉
Just the right side
@Lemonadepopper They are all right sides
@Ozymandiaz oh I鈥檓 sure they ARE!! 馃ゴ
movember time soon so shave the face leave the tash
Riverman256-60, M
Seasonal beard here, Oct - April.
Fullmetal46-50, M
Beard, ZZ Top style!! Lol
@PepsiColaP I am leaning towards not.
As it suits you
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
face your shave you dirty hobo
shave all of your hair off everywhere
@deathfairy I could swim like an eel then
iamonfire69641-45, F
Don鈥檛 shave it, it suits you

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