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What are you scared of?

PerfectionOfTheHeart · 46-50, F
That I’ll say I don’t give a flying fuck so much that it’ll spur on the creation of swarms of flying monkeys with the appetites and no fucks given attitudes of southern mosquitoes.
that1funnyblonde · 36-40, F
@PerfectionOfTheHeart Im with you on the mosquito thing! Ive seen em big enough to worry about a small dog being bitten and carried away...😳
PerfectionOfTheHeart · 46-50, F
@that1funnyblonde Reminds me.

[image deleted]
that1funnyblonde · 36-40, F
Sutten · 36-40, F
@BeefySenpie Same here
i7Jenny · 36-40, F
I'm afraid I'll die before I can do what I want to do
SinlessOnslaught · 26-30, M
@i7Jenny What is that?
Spiders @Gangstress

Being alone
Gangstress · 41-45, F
@SW-User if i were a spider id loiter around your lamp shade 😶🥲
@Gangstress I’d hit you with a chopping board 😆
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
Being in a situation where someone will abuse me and I won't have means to escape. Not necessarily physical abuse, even stuff like being stuck at crappy job with c*nty coworkers unable to quit due to money or being stuck with a slobby or obnoxious housemate. Stuff like that.
@CrazyMusicLover I know what you mean, thankfully I never needed a roommate
Purplehaze78 · 46-50, F
Flying cockroach 🥴
@Elena05 yes, something I’ve experienced most of my life unfortunately
Snakes and spiders
My daughter missing, the people I love disappearing.... 😐
Or they having some really difficult illness 😣😣
@SW-User how old is she?
@SW-User a kid 🧒 may tell you in pm one of these days hahaha
You seem surprised hahaha I've talked rarely about her here but yeah 🥰🥰
@SW-User I didn’t know 😊
Illness & death of loved ones
Also wolves lol
Lol idk one time in the desert I heard howls at night and I was scared to death @SW-User
@SW-User oh wow, were you camping in the desert?
Yeah @SW-User
WhateverWorks · 36-40
That I won’t be able to help my kiddo develop adulting skills
Time running out
@Teggy I hate when that happens
Strongtea · 22-25, M
@Strongtea I got stung by one a few months ago
Strongtea · 22-25, M
Oh! I feel your pain!@SW-User
Heights and being sober 😵
@Eklipse why?
Eklipse · F
@SW-User My thoughts the way I process things , my fears my desires.
Losing what I have that means the most to me
that he doesn’t truly love me.
caesar7 · 61-69, M
This message was deleted by its author.
@Mooed78 who comes up with this crap lol

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