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The meaning behind my username

So a few (moronic) people here think that my username is narcissistic. They think that by calling myself the “Queen” of Zaun I’m being full of myself. When they don’t even understand the meaning of my username.

I call myself the “Queen of Zaun” because…

Zaun is a fictional city from the animated television show “Arcane: League of Legends”. It’s a poor rundown, steampunk city filled with a population who yearn to rise up in revolution against the ruling class who oppress them.

The city across the river from Zaun is a city called “Piltover”. And it is the people of Piltover who rule over Zaun and flaunt wealth, nobility and power.

Hence, calling myself the “Queen” of Zaun is a figure of speech based in satire. Zaun is not a place of nobles or royalty; it is a place of poverty, chaos and survival.

To call myself the “Queen of Zaun” is calling myself a representation of rejects, lost souls and those who want a better future for themselves. Which is obviously quite the opposite of nobility. It is a satirical play on words, commentating on some of my own life experiences whilst mocking the traditional context of a ruling class.
parasiteandhost · 31-35, F
Yeah people gotta be the way they are. I made it to where I'm only seeing my own age group and can only be messaged by certain people. You should check out the settings.
In short, your username means "VoiceOfZuan" ?
Ferric67 · M
My friend Curt loved the series Arcane

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