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what should i dooo????

How am I supposed to stop overthinking everything and just shut my mind for a second? it seems like my head is going to explode of tiredness but I just cant rest at all because of those meaningless thoughts.
Try writing them down somewhere, with hand.
It's meant to transfer the emotional charge out of your mind on to paper.

Edit: I saw you're thinking of medication. Bad idea to go chemical route. Try supplementing with Vit B1 and see if it makes a difference. Vit B1 helps stop the monkey mind chatter.
MachineBoy · M
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts Oh thank you for your help. Im going to try it :>
UnertraeglicherSpasti · 22-25, M
Get some sleep meds. When your head gets in the way too much you can't always just rationalize your problems away yanno
MachineBoy · M
@UnertraeglicherSpasti Yup Im thinking about seeing some doctor so I can get one of those medications :'>
UnertraeglicherSpasti · 22-25, M
@MachineBoy there's some over the counter meds in most countries. Ask your neighbourhood pharmacist.
MachineBoy · M
@UnertraeglicherSpasti gonna do it, thank you :>
Riemann · 31-35, M
If those aren't valuable, don't care. <3
MachineBoy · M
@Riemann Its pretty much hard :< but imma try my best
MachineBoy · M
@Spoiledbrat lol gonna try it BAHAHAH

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