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is inside sales a thing of the past?

all i want to order are 1 size of nuts and bolts that i have been doing for 30 years. all i had to do was phone my supplier and say... hi, it's beerme at acme co. can you please just duplicate my last order? that call would last less than a minute. now it's oh hi beer me, please just log onto our web site and place your order. they will not take orders over the phone.

it takes too many clicks....and they say technology makes things easier...well not for everyone.
robertsnj · 56-60, M
It is not a thing of the past. It just not exist in the commodity market because usually it doesn't make sense. That team of workers has to have a salary, time off, usually does not handle CS functions. They spend a lot of time prospecting meaning inside sales but reaching out for new business development.

When somebody crunches the cost benefit analysis it does not make sense to build out that team as opposed to let them navigate a website and maybe put in a CS call. It just doesn't scale in the commodity market. And it really doesn't make sense for a current client to be assigned an inside sales rep.

In the non commidity enterprise (and even SMB) sales market where their is complex sales cycles, contract negociation, SOW's and the like inside sales reps manage Top of Funnel and Acccount Executives manage the bottom funnel acting as a single sales team.

On really large sales a 3rd group that manages the red lining and contract negociation and is called a deal desk. Those are high six figure to low figure sales .

I was inside sale guy for years when I was younger. Actually it is a really cool job and doesn't pay bad. I would probably do it again if I was on the market and the deliverables of the company were solid. But in it you are selling (top of funnel) not taking orders.

I am guessing because you are the CSR of a supply chain operation that you guys have an ERP system for moving products in your portfolio. If so a team of people sold that to you company for a 7 or maybe an 8 figure deal

That team probably had an inside sales guy, an account executive and it probably went to a deal desk for contract negociation. In addition if your organization did buy an ERP system for supply chain but not HRIS or Financials an Account Executive or an Account Manager is hoping one day to upsell your account in what is called white space (in the account).

In other verticals like commercial construction there are even larger sales teams that have specialities that include a sourcing team for material (the contract will have time and materials)

anyway sure I just put you back to sleep mode with that answer.
hunkalove · 61-69, M
You worked at Acme? Did that coyote pay with cash or a credit card?
allygator18 · 22-25, F
unless its outside
Back in 1999 I worked as a temp at a nursery gardening supply distributor, mainly clean up, which was a HUGE warehouse, they allowed inside sales, but failed to mention for regular employees only, no temps. I found this out the hard way when a neighbor in our sub divided house asked me if I could get her some plant food and soil, giving me a $20, when I went to the front desk to place the order the manager screamed at me, saying I wasn't allowed to, I asked my agency for a new job and had one by the end of the day.
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