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Doing nothing is as guilty as taking part?

In high school I remember walking through campus and hearing laughter and people cheering, then I saw the joke. 6 guys holding one up crowdsurf style lifted into the air completely naked struggling, begging them to let him down and everyone else singing happy birthday. They paraded him with everything on display spread eagle and everyone just laughed and sang along. As he was carried past me we made eye contact, I saw the tears in his eyes, I felt his humiliation. And saw him fade away when he realized this was it. Then at the end of the song saw them take aim at the flag pole and heard the dull thud and his scream as he went sack to pole, metal to skin, and they left him there on the floor crying and writhing. It was all chalked up to “kids being kids” but what pains me the most is no one did anything, including me because I knew helping would mean I’d be paraded in the same manner. So I kept my head down
Gusman · 56-60, M
It is these sort of degrading acts perpetrated on individuals that lead to the victim becoming withdrawn and harbouring a lot of pent up anger.
Then society wonders why mass shootings occur.
Rhode57 · 56-60, M
Nothing has changed in years . If anything its got worse all thanks to political correctness and do gooders . Kids know they can get away with this sort of disgusting behaviour because everyone is scared of doing anything about it and being accused of abuse etc .
Josh1454 · M
It’s fun and games when it’s an agreed upon thing. Like a dare that you know what’ll happen if you fail. It’s another when you are say minding your own business and then they take you against your will and to end with actual physical violence. They all need to be punished. Weirdly, the police most likely will do nothing, but if he takes punishment into his own hands, he’ll get arrested. It’s like the movie Promising Young Woman.
Thomas52 · 70-79, M
This is not fun, nor should it be in any way acceptable to anyone responsible for looking after young people's welfare. I thing the only thing that could have been different is AFTER the abuse others could have acted as witnesses in an enquiry. You were not guilty of being a witness to a wild crowd, but it might have been possible to report it later.
I get your point and was often on the receiving end. But my biggest frustration even looking back is the so called adults who are responsible for providing a safe environment didn't do shit. Have a "stop bullying" campaign and call it done. It is not on kids to police themselves and be forced to put themselves into a situation like that.
Use mobile phone to film it.
Show the evidence to the headmaster.
Be prepared. It won't have been the first or last time,
so you'll still get your chance to take action.
Heavenlywarrior · 31-35, M
These the types that get shot
GentleLucille · 22-25, F
Guilty by ommission? But if the institution is not taking bullying seriously it requires an immense amount of strength to stand up for what is right. So don't feel too bad about keeping your head down 💖
jackson55 · M
Sounds like college stuff. Never saw that sort of thing in high school.
beefo · 26-30, M
Well god is the judge in the end of all things so.. we just leave it at that.
Budwick · 70-79, M
[quote]As he was carried past me we made eye contact, I saw the tears in his eyes, I felt his humiliation. And saw him fade away when he realized this was it[/quote]

That was the moment you lost your soul.
Where was this Mozambic?
Sjones13 · 36-40, M

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