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full of anxiety, what can i do

i live alone, in an apartment and ive sold a new tv set to some guy on facebook marketplace, hes coming by taxi to pick it up in about 30 minutes....i'm selling this brand new tv for a bargain really at 130 pounds....but im just nervous because im not used to dealing with other men and im anxious he might try to knock the price down when he gets here? or offer to pay me in a different way than other than what ive asked by cash? im asking for cash upfront..

can anyone advise me on how to not feel so anxious about this situation? its because i dont know who im doing the deal with or what he looks like yet, he seems okay by the texts messages he sent....but om still on edge.

can anyone advise or give help?
Oasislush89 · F Best Comment
i'd say when he gets there be firm and remember ur the seller and that u should have all the control. If he doesn't do as what u advertised (like pay less or argue) you can refuse. your in control. Thinking that might help!!
darkmere1983 · 46-50, M
@Oasislush89 thanks so much, you really helped and the transaction did go well too, not any as bad as i imagined.

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