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How do you define being free? Are you free?

Nobody is free. Even if the extreme freedom is negative because it leads to anarchy, you can easily see you are not free. The best chains you are trapped in are mental chains. You are slave of yourself and of the society. Since you are a kid society program you like a machine to do things in a certain way. To spend money in a certain way, to have certain things, to pursue standard goals, to have kids, to marry, etc. Nothing bad with this, and you are apparently free to not pursue them, but the fact is that almost every time the society put you in a big pressure if you don’t want to pursue them at the end almost certainly you will in order to not feel outside the society. You are not free to decide how many hours you want to work, or you need to work (maybe you are faster or slower than your colleagues): someone chose it for you without logical reason. You cannot decide to not go to work if you outside there is a wonderful day and you want to enjoy it because you don’t know if tomorrow you will be alive.

There are a lot of things in the society you cannot decide even if that doesn’t harm the other’s freedom. The society decides for you, both with dumb rules and with pressure to follow a life that you may not want. So democracy is removed in this process because if the majority are of the same conviction surely majority should rule, and those in the minority must adapt to the will of the people. So many societies are having a problem accepting that as a given, pandering instead to minority groups who oppress the general freedom - consider the KKK, or the Marxist revolutionary group, or some other reactionary group who under these rules will have the right for their vitriol to be allowed.

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