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Titles annoy me at times like this

I'm doing a lot better today than I was two days ago, and better than even yesterday. The side effects from missing antidepressants seems to have pretty much passed, although there is still a bit of confusion and brain fog lingering. However, the side effects from missing the anti-psychotic that night were worse and feel like they're still causing me issue - mainly I feel tired even when I'm wide awake, and after sleeping a full night without waking. The latter is not uncommon, but it's worse than normal even after resuming taking it (even though it has gotten significantly better from yesterday morning).

Also I think I'm going to put my little tanks on bases to make little diorama style things for them. Mainly the idea is that they can be based the same way as the infantry and so look more cohesive, and it allows for weathering to look a bit more consistent to the terrain they're 'supposed' to be in (mud for a field in USSR, grey "mud" with orange-red patches for forces trapped in Berlin, etc) - and since I have pretty much everything planned out by now, I can plan this sort of thing better and more quickly. For example, my Panthers and Halftracks would have gravelly bases because they're meant to be fighting in the western cities of USSR and the eastern portions of Poland during Operation Bagration in 1944, while my hordes of grenadiers would have concrete and mud bases because they're fighting in Normandy, around Utah Beach.

But I feel like this idea will pass me by like every other whim I have. Such is life I suppose.
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Glad to hear you are doing a little better. :)

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