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Trapped in a world I dont want to be in

I am married with 2 daughters. I love my family but i feel alone. Im an introvert and my family dont really understand me. My eldest is 18 and an extrovert. She is 18 and in college and has a job now and a boyfriend and we clash a lot. She doesnt really need me. My husband i love and he loves me but he doesnt really need me either. I know without me he would move on.. he has cheated before anyway. We moved to a new country almost a year ago which has made me feel even lonlier now. I never had a boat load of friends before but now i have less. The ones i had back home dont speak much to me now....out sight out of mind as they say. I dont have a mother or father. Both have passed on. I have a sister only.. who also happens to be my boss....and an extrovert who doesnt understand me. We clash sometimes. She also ignores me a lot and pushes me aside. I feel a lot like this world doesnt need me and sometimes doesnt even know im here. There is only one reason i 10 year old daughter. She is extremely mature for her age. She is slightly introverted like me. She is super smart but struggles to make friends. Moving countries and schools and different worlds has effected her as well. Everyday i selfishly want to end things for myself but i always think of her and how she needs me. I lost my mother when i was 13. So i know the struggles. I want to know how i can stop feeling so trapped in this world i dont want to be in. For her sake. Anyone else feel like this?
Maybe take a course in something you find interesting.
You could also volunteer for a local charity once a week - a place where your contributions will be needed.
Both could help you meet people, give you a better chance of slowly building two or three new friendships.
You could also be proactive in keeping in touch with your old friends via WhatsApp or Skype. If they don't respond, maybe try texts or email.
As for your extroverted husband and elder daughter, (if you haven't already,) you need to sit them down and explain introverts to them. There's a very good Myers-Briggs personality test site which has an excellent explanation of what it means to be introverted. It's innate. One can see the traits from the moment a baby is born if one knows what to look for. Degrees of introversion and extroversion can change over a lifetime, but not by more than about 10-15%.
Ann80 · 41-45, FNew
@hartfire thank you very much for the response. I will look for the Myers-Briggs site
alan20 · M
I sometimes wonder if I was born an introvert or if something that happened early on made me one. When I was in London I was extremely lonely. Can remember walking past an apartment in Chelsea where there was a party and two girls beckoned to me to go in. I'd have loved to but couldn't. Later I accepted unpaid work, playing accompaniments for an amateur opera company, in the hope it would help. I felt I won their respect but nothing else. Can you get on with somebody on a one-to-one basis ?
Ann80 · 41-45, FNew
@alan20 Funny you mention London. We moved to the UK from our African home country. Never felt more alone now. Im fine at home with my family. I just struggle to make other friends. I also take it very personally when people dont respond to me or ignore me on whatsapp. I suppose because i have so few people that when i get ignored, it hurts me so much. I know they probably busy with their own lives. I guess that also makes me feel even more like the world just doesnt see me. Which i usually prefer. But lately its really lonely. Like too lonely.
alan20 · M
@Ann80 I found London extremely lonely, coming from a small Irish village where everyone knew me. A bad decision, especially seperated from my girlfriend. Nowadays I've learned to cover up but don't really feel relaxed in company. Cheers!
Budwick · 70-79, M
Seek professional help. Do it now.
Your daughter is learning to be like you - from you..
It's no way to live.
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
What is a introvert?
Slivereyes · F
@smileylovesgaming introvert. Is noun: introvert; plural noun: introverts
a shy, reticent person.
"I'm an introvert and don't like public speaking"
a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.
"introverts seek out and enjoy opportunities for reflection and solitude"
adjective: introvert
another term for introverted.

mid 17th century (as a verb in the general sense ‘turn one's thoughts inwards (in spiritual contemplation’)): from modern Latin introvertere, from intro- ‘to the inside’ + vertere ‘to turn’. Its use as a term in psychology dates from the early 20th century.
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
@Slivereyes so pretty much a shy person
yes, but idk how you can change it.

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