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Why do people feel it’s okay to body shame thin women?

I have been both morbidly obese and severely underweight (eating disorder).

I feel like despite being bullied for being obese, people tend to be a lot crueler to thin women and no one says anything because they don’t feel like we “deserve” to be accepted (English is not my first language, sorry if that doesn’t make sense, idk how to word what I’m feeling).

They attack our womanhood by saying we look like boys. Which is very hurtful to our self esteem. No woman wants to be compared to a man. I can not help my genetics when it comes to my natural lack of curves (at a healthy weight, I am still pretty flat).

When I thin woman posts sexy pictures, I noticed people asking “sexy where?” Or saying only pedophiles are attracted to our bodies. Why do you feel like thin women don’t deserve to feel sexy? What have we done to you that you need to unfeminize us and say we aren’t worthy of being attracted to?

Also the anorexic comments. Yes, I have an eating disorder. Not every thin woman does. Since when is it okay to bully someone if they did have a mental illness?

We also get compared to addicts, which again, why are you people so bent on making us feel ugly?

Why can’t you guys just let us live our life and feel pretty?

Why is a woman’s body always getting picked apart?
I feel everything that you said. I’ve been there as well. Overweight and thin. But for me I actually get more rude comments when I’m overweight. When I’m thin everyone notices and says “oh you’ve lost weight” and how good I look. But I agree with you. Why can’t people just leave us alone and let us live our lives. We don’t need to be bullied. Have our mental health issues Get worse. So I feel for you. Because I’ve been there.
You asked so many WHYs.

The only answer it's because those people are idiotic a##holes.
MorbidCynic · 26-30, F
I asked so many because I really dont understand their mind @NotSureAboutMyUserName
@MorbidCynic Most of these people just jealous and have nothing else going on in their life.

It's easy to hurt others with words then to do some good.

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