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Spiritual Warfare #6 - Demons & Deliverance

Christians have the power and authority through Jesus to be completely free from demonic oppression/possession. Dr. Odle teaches about the importance of deliverance and why it should be normal for the modern church.


May YHWH, Christ
and the Holy Spirit
Bless you,
Remember in Matthew when the disciples couldn't exercise one and so brought him to Jesus to be exercised? Then they asked why they couldn't do it. And Jesus accused them of not having enough faith.

Seems weird that this group who was already exercising demons from people suddenly didn't have enough faith during one of these times.

It was also said that if a person has faith, whole mountains could be moved. Last I checked, not a single mountain has moved on the face of this Earth. And you would think many would have tried by now.
@ArcAngel aw. So kind of you. 😊 It's nice to believe, isn't it? Let us believe together.
ArcAngel · 61-69, M

I'm all for that!
@InHeaven i just read that you were right. The disciples were not fasting. It also said that Jesus told them it was okay to not fast. Also in Mark, Jesus said the reason the disciples couldn't drive out the demon from the person who had epilepsy was because those demons require prayer to drive out.
James25 · 61-69, M
I have never met a Christian who was able to think for itself and use logic and reasoning
Like2play · M
@ArcAngel not going to spend my time reading it again. No need to study the stories. That is all they are and all they will ever be.
ArcAngel · 61-69, M

If you are unwilling to do the smallest amount of research, then I can't help you.
Like2play · M
@ArcAngel do not need help and I have done the research. Your research consists of reading your book.
Not everything that's in one's imagination is true.
ArcAngel · 61-69, M

I can agree with that.
ArcAngel · 61-69, M

Amen to you too!

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