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Can the merging of God with the climax devotee be considered as a miracle?

[b]Can the merging of God with the climax devotee be considered as a miracle?[/b]
[Smt. Chhanda asked: Can the merging with the climax devotee be considered as a miracle once it has taken place as He becomes God Himself from that moment?][/i]

[b][c=003BB2]Swami replied:- [/c][/b]Merging of the unimaginable God with the first energetic form (Datta) is unimaginable because the unimaginable God Himself is the God component here. But, when God Datta merges with an energetic being or a human being, it can be explained with a practical example because the God component became imaginable since He is mediated with the medium of imaginable energy in the case of the formation of further energetic incarnations and human incarnations. A devoted energetic being is completely made of energy and hence, the merging of God Datta with such energetic being is simply merge of energy with energy. In the case of a devoted human being, apart from energy, matter also exists and matter has the property of absorption of energy resulting in excitation. Hence, after merge, the human medium is excited and shows very high temperature of the body. Since the merge is perfect, the Veda says that God remains as God after merge and at the same time, God becomes the human being component (Sat ca tyat ca abhavat).

Based on this authority of the Veda, we shall accept that the human being component after merge becomes God from that very moment. Moreover, if the devotees doubt the visible human component to be God due to their inherent ego based jealousy, the whole purpose of human incarnation is lost. Then, the devotees have to worship unimaginable God or invisible energetic incarnations or invisible past human incarnation through photos and statues. Then, the whole story comes to the beginning point. It is very difficult to conquer the ego based jealousy and hence, all devotees will not become true devotees of contemporary human incarnation of God. During the time of Krishna, who frankly told that He is the contemporary human incarnation, the number of devotees were very less and enemies were plenty. This is the reason why salvation is attained by very few deserving souls only and not by the majority.

Q. Can we treat the climax devotees as God?

[At Your divine lotus feet, Chhanda]

Swami replied:- The climax devotees become very close to God and not God (Tanmayā hi te - Narada Bhakti Sutram). Any devotee, whether climax or not becomes God only when God merges with the devotee by His pure free will. If anybody has the aspiration to become God, be sure, such soul is permanently disqualified and will never become God. A devotee, who tries always to be servant of God alone becomes God, if God wishes so, and this concept is well demonstrated by God Himself in the role of Hanuman. The aspiration to become God shall not be born in the mind and the aspiration to be the servant of God shall not die in the mind. The inherent nature of human soul is that it always becomes jealous about the highest and it always has the selfish aspiration to become highest! Even after becoming God, Hanuman said that He is the servant of Rama! Shirdi Sai Baba also told that the unimaginable God is the ultimate master (Allah Malik). Even when God in the contemporary human incarnation is saying that He is the servant of God, why should you treat the climax devotee as God? Even though the incarnation is God, He is telling that He is servant of God and such telling is for the welfare of devotees only. If devotees treat climax devotee of God as God, such a climax devotee gets ego and falls down to become Yogabhrashta! Neither the devotees are benefited because the climax devotee is not God (wrong knowledge) nor the climax devotee is benefited because he has fallen down! The devotees project the climax devotee as God in the first step. In the second step, the devotees claim themselves as climax devotees and conclude finally that they are also God!! This is the general human tendency and hence, the climax devotee shall be careful with his co-devotees.

Mandana Mishra was a climax devotee of Sadguru, called Kumarilabhatta (the incarnation of God Subrahmanya). The other disciples praised Mandana Mishra as more intelligent than Sadguru. Kumarilabhatta was preaching both knowledge and action (Jñāna karma samuccaya) and Mandana Mishra left his Sadguru to become an independent Sadguru preaching only action (karma vaada). Shankara met Kumarilabhatta and came to know the whole story. In fact, Kumarilabhatta was correct in knowledge. Then, Shankara went to Mandana Mishra and defeated him in the debate and rectified him by establishing the importance of knowledge. Since Mandana Mishra was also an incarnation of Brahma, he got rectified (or rather he acted as if rectified). If Mandana Mishra was simply a human being, he would not have accepted his defeat even if Shankara argues for years together! This concept was preached by the three roles of God (Shiva, Subrahmanya and Brahma). Since Mandana Mishra was an incarnation of God, he rectified himself in this very birth without taking the next birth as in the case of Yogabhrashta because ego and jealousy in a human being will never die!! The Advaita philosopher always thinks that he is God (or atleast, he will become God by such constant thinking!) and shuts down the doors of his fortune forever.
For anyone interested, from the Theravada texts, regarding wise and unwise attention, what is declared and what is undeclared...

[i]This is how he attends unwisely: "Was I in the past? Was I not in the past? What was I in the past? How was I in the past? Having been what, what did I become in the past? Shall I be in the future? Shall I not be in the future? What shall I be in the future? How shall I be in the future? Having been what, what shall I become in the future? Or else he is inwardly perplexed about the present thus: "Am I? Am I not? What am I? How am I? Where has this being come from? Where will it go?"

When he attends unwisely in this way, one of six views arise in him. The view "self exists for me" arises in him as true and established; or the view "no self exists for me" arises in him as true and established; or the view "I perceive self with self" arises in him as true and established; or the view "I perceive not-self with self" arises in him as true and established; or the view "I perceive self with not-self" arises in him as true and established; or else he has some such view as this: "It is this self of mine that speaks and feels and experiences here and there the result of good and bad actions; but this self of mine is permanent, everlasting, eternal, not subject to change, and it will endure as long as eternity." This speculative view is called the thicket of views, the wilderness of views, the contortion of views, the vacillation of views, the fetter of views. Fettered by the fetter of views, the untaught ordinary person is not freed from.......suffering, I say.

He attends wisely: "This is suffering"; he attends wisely "This is the origin of suffering"; he attends wisely "This is the cessation of suffering"; he attends wisely "This is the way leading to the cessation of suffering."

Again, remember what I have left undeclared as undeclared and remember what I have declared as declared. And what have I left undeclared? "The world is eternal"- I have left undeclared. "The world is not eternal" - I have left undeclared. "The world is finite" - I have left undeclared. "The world is infinite" - I have left undeclared. "The soul is the same as the body" - I have left undeclared. "The soul is one thing and the body is another" - I have left undeclared. "After death an enlightened one exists" - I have left undeclared. "After death an enlightened one does not exist" - I have left undeclared. "After death an enlightened one both exists and does not exist" - I have left undeclared. "After death an enlightened one neither exists not does not exist" - I have left undeclared.

Why have I left this undeclared? Because it is unbeneficial, it does not belong to the fundamentals of the holy life, it does not lead to disenchantment, to dispassion, to cessation, to peace, to direct knowledge, to enlightenment, to Nirvana. That is why I have left it undeclared. And what have I declared? "This is suffering", "This is the origin of suffering", "This is the cessation of suffering", "his is the way leading to the cessation of suffering".[/i]
@ArcAngel You are unable to recognise, in the context of the fundamental points of our "discussion" (I use the term loosely......😀) , just how pointless your questions are.

I'll leave you to it.

All the best
ArcAngel · 61-69, M
@ArcAngel Goodnight, sleep tight.

dattaswami · 51-55, M
His Holiness Shri Datta Swami is a complete incarnation of the Lord (Pari Purna Avatara). He has come to this world to preach Divine Knowledge to mankind. In the past incarnations of the Lord, this wonderful Divine Knowledge was not revealed to its fullest extent. Today, more than ever, there is a real need for this wonderful Divine Knowledge. The situation is rather peculiar. People are not ignorant about the true knowledge. They are highly intelligent. Their minds have been sharpened by the advancement in science and technology. They know the truth but they do not like it. They want to reach the true goal by the false and convenient path. For this purpose they have twisted the meaning of the scriptures. Humanity stands divided by a number of religions and religious sects. Therefore there is a direct need at present, for Lord Datta Himself to come down and reveal the true knowledge to the wonderful people. He has come in the form of His Holiness Shri Datta Swami to give this Divine and special knowledge to us.
ArcAngel · 61-69, M
Lots of words that say practically nothing.

I want you to read just this one verse very carefully and ask yourself, does the Swami or any
other author you know of make a claim like this?

Zec 12:1 The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him.

Have they created anything like the heavens or the earth or the spirit that is within us?
@ArcAngel It was only "simplistic" for anyone who thinks that a claim made in their own chosen scripture is somehow definitive, as some sort of "answer".

The Buddhist Scriptures are more "definitive" for me. Wherein the Buddha remains silent on such questions as seem to preoccupy your own mind. Silent, simply because believing in any answer at all is antithetical to the living of the "Holy Life", the path to the end of suffering.
ArcAngel · 61-69, M
Just try to find ANY other text that makes that claim; it is obvious:

Deuteronomy 10:17
For theLordyour God is Godofgods, andLordoflords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, which regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward:

Isaiah 45:5
I am theLord, and there isnoneelse, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me:

Isaiah 45:6
That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there isnonebeside me. I am theLord, and there isnoneelse.
@ArcAngel Sadly, you are missing the point.
Really, I just don't understand a word of this. What on earth is a "climax devotee"? Has it something to with sex? (Serious question)


[i]When we go out of ourselves through obedience and strip ourselves of what is ours, then God must enter into us; for when someone wills nothing for themselves, then God must will on their behalf just as he does for himself.[/i]
If you are this devoted, yes... as it's written in the scriptures of the climax you look for.. some of us define it differently without innuendo and with. It's good to hold meaning in the world, but is it healthy to ascribe meaning?
Come back Swami, all is forgiven!

ArcAngel · 61-69, M
Yea, I have to admit, I'm a lousy speller.
@ArcAngel I have to admit that I often look up the bigger words as spelling is not my strong point.
ArcAngel · 61-69, M
Yea, I do that too.
Who is Swami?

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