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Isn't it all too perfect for it to be just random rather then there being a superior mind behind all of it? What are your thoughts on the matter? [Spirituality & Religion]

Think about nature and how everything is balanced every process, reaction, living beings,habitats, procreation, death and decomposition, the mind etc and all these things are just within our small world..outside there's a whole other infinity.

Studying science would make you believe more in something Bigger then us in my opinion....things don't just happen
Miram · 31-35, F
The scientific method was born out of separation between science and religion, by Ibn El Haithem. Science doesn't point out to anything supernatural as an explanation and it doesn't need to.

As to balance, the word is too subjective. In physics all is moving to disorder, entropy and that can't be seen as a balance. And there is the chaos theory, you can't predict all even if you determined rules.

Also the idea that there needs to be a conscious entity/mind is the product of physical laws within this system. It is a natural and primitive phenomenon, the need to feel connected to something bigger than the self, for security it provides. That's the cause and effect.. A creator as described in the main three religions isn't natural and is outside of this system. He can't be detected here and cause and effect don't apply to him. And therefore it is irrational to think of him as a cause. The creationist argument is self contradictory the more you explore it.
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
It's proven that chaos has patterns, it's highly possible that things happen by random chance.

By: Robin George Andrew

[quote]Throughout the universe, there are systems that, despite being inherently chaotic and unpredictable, tend to naturally become ordered. They fight against the inexorable entropic increase of the universe-the overall trend of every system to go from an ordered state to a disordered state. Chaotic systems sound like systems destined for disorder and destruction, so where's all this self-organizing, self-preserving order emerging from?

One leading idea is that these strange attractors-small periods wherein order forms from chaos cancelling itself out temporarily-exist everywhere, from the formation of galaxies due to initial chaotic instabilities in the formation of the fabric of space-time, to the honeycomb-esque arrangement of bubbles rising to the surface of a carbonated drink. There are a myriad of examples of self-organizing systems in nature, but a particularly interesting one to me is the three-body problem.[/quote]
Deadcutie · 18-21, F
Regardless of the view you take, eventually you have to come to the conclusion that some force beyond our capacity to understand made the stuff that eventually became everything..

Who made the atoms and elements?
What created the laws of nature and Science?
Who created the components that produced a Big Bang?

There is a joke
A scientist is boasting to God that life came from nothing.. so God formed a man from the dirt and breathed life into him and told the scientist to replicate life from nothing.. the scientist began forming a man from the dirt when God stopped him... no no no no, make your own dirt.......
newjaninev2 · 56-60, F
@Deadcutie What made the 'force that eventual became everything'?
ButterRobot · 51-55, M
I'd like to believe that was true. But if the universe/multiverse is really that vast, doesn't everything have to happen perfectly somewhere ?
celine211 · 22-25, F
@ButterRobot is there a book or something on this theory? i'd like to look into it. But in my opinion this can't be considered more plausible in a scientific therm then there being a superior power/God/Energy whatever you wanna call it
ButterRobot · 51-55, M
Google Multiverse Theory and start there. And if you want a readable author, start with Paul Davies.
walabby · 61-69, M
@ButterRobot That seems to be awful waste of universes, though. :/
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
you're right but when they do, it's because there isn't any other way to exist. Think of how many billions of years passed with no known life as far as we are concerned, that's billions of times where the universe "failed" to create life
celine211 · 22-25, F
@Jackaloftheazuresand Ohh i see so you mean like kind of learning from previous failures in a way? that's why everything is so puzzled and correct cause all other ways have failed to create....mhmm interesting perspective

Or maybe it could be that there already had been life before that got extinct, or there is the thing that we still don't know if there is life somewhere else beyond our universe
walabby · 61-69, M
There could certainly be something Bigger than us that started it all. Something supernatural, from our point of view. It certainly doesn't have to be the Judaeo/Christian concept of God, though...
celine211 · 22-25, F
@walabby fact i didn't mention God i just said superior mind
walabby · 61-69, M
@celine211 I did notice that... :) We might be kindred spirits, of a sort..
Ferric67 · M
You mean like energy?
It's what spawned everything we know in existance....
The question then becomes why is there energy?
My answer, who cares just appreciate that we have life.
celine211 · 22-25, F
@Ferric67 Sure you can do that but if people did that in older times we wouldn't be where we are now and have what we have and know what we know. Knowledge will expand the appreciation and take it to another level
AliceTinker · 51-55, F
Everything is balanced in nature except humans, we are the exception to the rule. We are a huge carbuncle on this planet.
Are you asking if there's a reason or a God ?
celine211 · 22-25, F
@AliceTinker mhm its an ambiguous question.. what differentiates us from the rest of nature is rational thought (how ironic right?) so that is the cause to the imbalance we cause rather then being an exception to the rule
newjaninev2 · 56-60, F
What about it is perfect? What criterion are you using to identify perfection?

If this universe were not as it is... it'd be different.
The perfect imperfections of randomness.
celine211 · 22-25, F
@softspokenman i'm confused 😂 ??
Aren't we all , Isn't that what this post is about ?? 😁 @celine211
celine211 · 22-25, F
@softspokenman Good answer 👌
celine211 · 22-25, F
@NankerPhelge Huh what?
NankerPhelge · 61-69, M
@celine211 The phrase "rather then there being a superior mind" doesn't make sense.
That's why my main response to the question if I think there's a god is simply "I don't know".
Science certainly can't explain everything, but at least scientists admit that they can't. Unlike religious people who think they can explain everything with their religion.
celine211 · 22-25, F
@Emosaur why not other gods?
@celine211 Scientists from western countries would probably mostly refer to him rather than other gods since the western world is predominantly Christian. Idk for sure though.
celine211 · 22-25, F
@Emosaur mhm by they probably mean god the general term

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