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Do you ever make generalizations about people but then get upset when you're included in someone else's generalization?

Generalizations tend to produce other generalizations (note that this is also a generalization). ;)
Matt85 · 36-40, M
Not frequently, no.
@Matt85 I removed the word "frequently" to make this post more applicable to others. I think we all make generalizations sometimes, but it puts things in perspective when we end up in someone else's generalization.
DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
I don't get upset when people generalize about me. I just prove them wrong with my actions and behavior.
Generally speaking I assume everyone generalizes everyone
TrashCat · M
I don't fet offended,I get even because i didn't start it. If a certain lower caste of things on the right side of the isle want to play that game, then I'm all for a proper tit for tat. I don't care anymore and its highly amusing
ElRengo · 70-79, M
An extended quoted saying:
"All generalizations are wrong"
The best comment about by B. Russell
"And the above one is the worst of them all"
@ElRengo I'm assuming that's Bertrand Russell? He was an absolute legend.
ElRengo · 70-79, M
Yes, that Bertrand guy.
One of the legendary "fathers" of the Logicist school of thought in Math.
Till Kurt Godel ruined his dream.
I have to recognize that in his comment on generalizations he was focused in the Self Refference problem while he cared a bit less in other more grounded objections on the criticisms to generalizations.
suzette · 46-50, F
I love to be proved wrong about my generalization, so proving them wrong would be something I'd love as well.
Gangstress · 41-45, F
i started generalising today coz its funny and cool apparently so if ya cant educate em. Join em
No. People are typically liars. They define me with lies then get me attacked. It's called America.
AthrillatheHunt · 51-55, M
Don’t lump me in w those people !
That’s so typical of people like you. Lol
I think it's human nature, our common sense tells us otherwise
I try not to, because I definitely have had the experience of assumptions being made and stereotyping of my gender, race, etc. It’s [b]not[/b] pleasant.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
I don't like generalizations. So I don't make them.
I don't care about that.
We all do to a certain degree.
Azlotto · M
I never make generalizations about people.

[quote] get upset when you're included in someone else's generalization?[/quote]

I don't care about what people think or say about me.

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