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Why do Zionists deny the fact that Israel is a simple case of brutal colonialism and its consequences? 😐

if you want to support Israel due to personal biases Then go ahead with that
But don’t deny that you support settler colonialism and all the oppressive measures that have been installed to protect it yet at the same time do not want to face its consequences.

After world war 1 , the Ottoman Empire fell and the British empire colonized the Middle East (Palestine Egypt Yemen Kuwait Qatar etc )
No wonder why the Ottoman Empire fell it was at it weakest point at that stage and reached an age of over 600 years plus many people including Modern day Saudis and Palestinians among others wanted to gain independence from the Turks .
Plus at that time the world was shifting from empire regime to independent nations .
The British empire colonized the region for a while but eventually ended up giving those lands their independences.
the people living in historic Palestine
were expecting the same thing.
what happened?
The Zionists were plotting to create a Jewish supremacy state (way before the holocaust )
For instance you should read a book called “the Jewish state “ it’s from the 1800s
Discussing colonizing Argentina and turning it into their Jewish supremacy state .
The Jewish colonial fund was also created before the hol*caust.
The Zionists lie about Palestine being their ancestors’ land and that they “re took “ the land some 3000 or whatever x years later (zionists will give you a different date lol)
They would have colonized any land
It’s just Palestine ideally ended up in their hands like a platter of gold and they whipped up a billion dollar spent propaganda to back it.
In fact Zionists discussed making plenty of countries in Africa and around the globe their Jewish supremacy state.
eventually they succeeded
They convinced a lord in Britain called Balfour to give the land to them.
But what right did Britain , the colonizer
Have to give a third party this land ?
What’s worse than colonialism ? Settler colonialism.
Even the Ottoman Empire did not make Turks go and displace the Palestinians. Ottomans only ruled Palestine they did not mass ethnically cleanse them and replace them with Turks or claim They’r native to it and what not.
This is why there is a saying concerning Israel “a land given by who does not own to who does not deserve “
Imagine France colonizing Japan
Then tells the Romani ethnic group
to go make for themselves a homeland in Japan 😂😂

Excuse me?
European Jews came to historic Palestine (historic Palestine had local of different faiths )
And wanted to divide the land between them and Palestinians (but eventually they planned to take the entire land )
What happened is
Rigged deals . They wanted to divide the land between them and the locals and basically rule over half of the land even though They’r immigrants and not the majority .
Excuse me? Why would the locals agree to this nonsense and land theft ?
Eventually a war broke out in 1948
Leading to over 750,000 Palestinians to be ethnically cleansed ( ethnic cleansing is a crime in the Geneva convention and their desire to ethnically cleanse them is documented prior to the war ) which
Israel refuses to compensate for or let them return until today.
and the Zionists took over creating a country on these ashes today known as Israel founded through m*ssacres and mass ethnic cleansing and theft.
Palestinians are the locals who became persecuted by foreigners in their own land unless ur willing to lick their shoe good and hard .
By the way this is 100% a classic case of brutal European settler colonialism and arrogance.
Those who did it were European Jews with European mindset .
The other type of Jews arrived AFTER Israel was founded due to Mossad pressuring middle eastern and North African countries to give up their Jews because Israel was lacking in numbers compared to Palestinians.
Even an Iraqi Jew (Avi Shlaim ) who migrated to Israel wrote about how Mossad attacks in Iraq led to Iraqi Jews migrating to Israel despite Iraq having had long co existence between Christians Jews Muslims etc beforehand .
and even those non European Jews are not from that land. Just because theyr Jews of color doesn’t mean somehow They’r local to that land 😂
A Moroccan /iraqi Muslim jew Christian atheist etc has no right to go displace a local in Egypt .
The only native Jews to that land are those who were in that land prior to the spat out filth of Zionism.

Israel did not only expel Palestinians outside the land but also internally displaced Palestinians .
It had stolen / destroyed many towns and villages and pushed the Palestinians into Gaza and West Bank. Most of Gaza population including most of Hamas members aren’t from Gaza they were forcefully pushed into Gaza and locked up there.
1 out of every 3 Palestinians are refugees.

And the cherry on top ,

The only remnants of Palestinian lands (Gaza and West Bank) are persecuted with ap*rtheid regime & blockade for decades now and illegal settlements and military rule in the West Bank.

Zionism is a disease and injustice

I call for the freedom dignity and compensation for all Palestinians .
Longpatrol · 31-35, M
I used to hold such extreme views up to very recently in fact, a few months ago. But I've tempered it since then, whole generations of Israelis have now grown up there and they didn't ask to be born in land that was illegally gifted to their forbears by an occupying power.

So they have to live with their neighbours and BE neighbourly instead of treating it like a zero sum game.

The Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, those were justified wars of defense but after that? Lebanon? The Intifadas? The settler crisis? They've turned into the bullies and so have lost a lot of the goodwill they had as the underdog.
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
“whole generations of Israelis have now grown up there and they didn't ask to be born in land that was illegally gifted to their forbears by an occupying power.”

There are so many issues with your statement.

1/ their grandparents participated in it. Some don’t even go back in the land as far as their grandparents. So
It’s not something from forever ago like you make it seem .
Moreover, the Palestinians can still get to return to their homes and receive dignity freedom compensation and sovereignty over their own land and for the settlers to be integrated
This is what They’r asking for

but Zionists don’t want to make things right

They don’t even teach about it they’re proud of it in fact.
So no I don’t view them as victim at all.

2/ you are talking as if it’s something from the past
meanwhile the ethnic cleansing displacement military rule apartheid regime etc is on going including prior to 7th of Oct which is what led to 7th of Oct.

3/“ So they have to live with their neighbours ”

What neighbors?
It seems you are a bit misguided
About the situation
lumberjackslam · 41-45, M
@Longpatrol at least you think with your head. good job.
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dubum · 51-55, M
And Balfour declaration contain this:

[quote]it being clearly understood that [b]nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine[/b],......[/quote]

They immediately violate that by Nakba operation, emptying 400 villages and cities from it's native community.
Same reason Neo-Nazis deny that the Holocaust happened. They know they can't sell their ideology if they're honest.

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