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I Am Fascinated By Human Behavior

Do most teachers teach just to get summers off? Kids have been so undisciplined the last 30 yrs. (at least in the U.S.) all the time off would be just about the only reason people would want to teach. Of course all the time off has been a big reason a lot of people have wanted to teach all throughout history. It was definitely true in my day. Of course many teachers teach because they enjoy doing it and really do enjoy kids.
4meAndyou · F
My mother and two of my cousins were and are elementary school teachers. My mother was a substitute teacher, and worked most often as what they call a "permanent sub". She would take over the classes of pregnant school teachers, allowing the pregnant teacher to have a lot of time with her baby. After working for a few years, my mother announced that she could no longer sub for the sixth grade, because the kids were just too awful. The grade level kept going down for which she would agree to sub.

My mother did not teach in order to have the summer off. She taught because in her time there were very few respectable jobs available to women, and teaching was one of them. She was NOT a good teacher. Her nickname was "Mrs Freeze" because she would march into the classroom like a Nazi and yell, "FREEZE!!!" For that reason she was always called in to sub difficult classrooms.
Seatscorcher · 61-69, M
Teachers do not teach for the vacations/time off....they do it because they are passionate about making a difference. The reason kids are less disciplined is because their parents are lazy and won't make the hard choices necessary to raise a well disciplined child. Schools reflect societal standards. When a community will not allow a school to hold students to high standards (and that includes hard consequences when students don't work hard) that weakens that school and feeds the poor choices that students are prone to make. Parents in many communities micromanage the schools and take on a "my child is never at fault, the school/teachers have it in for my kid" philosophy and that has made us weak and less effective.
xixgun · M
One of my favorite teachers in high school said he became a teacher because he could get free art supplies. (He was an accomplished painter)
CoffeeFirst · 56-60, F
"All the time off"? You need to get a teacher's perspective on all that "free vacation" they have.
CoffeeFirst · 56-60, F
[@84793,Cloud7593] I don't know any teachers like that. The ones I know work during a lot of that time off, they have to because there is a lot to do. They certainly don't have almost 4 months completely off during the year.
Cloud7593 · 46-50, F
[@768404,Seatscorcher] Teaching is definitely not easy. I never said that.
Seatscorcher · 61-69, M
[@84793,Cloud7593] thank you, and just to clear up any misconception people might have...teachers are salaried...they only get paid for the days they work.

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I Am Fascinated By Human Behavior
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