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I Got Catfished

By my freind from school. We was super close at the time and this goes back to the ep days. I was about 12 or 13 and I had low self esteem issues and i used to write sex stories for attention and I wanted someone to make me feel wanted.i was super immature back then and I told my freind about ep and she made an account on there. She was disgusted by my stories and by older men commenting on them and asking me to share nude photos and saying what they would like to do to me. Then a week later I got a message in my inbox from the hottest guy ever. He was tall and he did boxing. He said he was around my age. We talked abit and I made the mistake by giving my best freind my password so she could check the messages from him when I couldn’t get online as at the time my mum and her husband didn’t allow me on the internet so I snuck on it on my phone and school. She would report back to me saying what his fantasy was with me and she told me after about a week that he will meet me outside of the spa shop. So after school my freind was in the computer room , I couldn’t log in for some reason and she told me to go early as she made out she heard the second bell as after the second bell I would go home so my mums husband didn’t find out what I was up to. She made out she had to go to dance class so I walked to the shop on the way home and I waited outside for ages , every car that went past I kept looking in for him. I was so excited that I was going to meet my lover for the first time. On the photo he had big muscles and blonde hair and was wearing shorts. I got really fed up as I was waiting for ages and kids kept steering at me wondering why I was hanging outside the shop , the shop keepers kept wondering too as only two school kids was aloud in there at a time. Waiting and waiting and then someone was coming in the distance , it started raining and my freind told me he was arriving in a raincoat and trainers and shorts and a top. I got so excited as I thought it was in him in the distance. I started waving and smiling. I jumped up and down to make sure he seen me and I was in for a shock. They suddenly went somewhere. I thought great they walked straight past me without me realising it. Then someone tapped my shoulder I quickly turned around. It was my best freind , she couldn’t stop laughing. She cat fished me pretending to be a guy. A few weeks later or a month later she hacked my ep account and I couldn’t log back in. I was really mad at the time but now I sit back and smile as she saved my life. I could have been hurt badly or murdered or worse if I actually met up with one of those guys off ep at such a young age. Soon the head of year found out and my freind told her she hacked me as she didn’t like the way men was talking to me. Quick to the point I got into trouble at home and I couldn’t use ep and didn’t see it close down. I wasn’t aloud back on the internet until I turned 16 and was living with my dad.
SatyrService · 100+, M
[i]well there are SOME online meetups that work fine[/i]
most of the men you interacted with would NOT have been good to you.
so many are just bullies who want to take it out on an attractive girl.
EP was different,, up till near the end folks were alot more serious and real, and then like here, swamped by players, creepers and fake after fake.
there are men, who fake with a pic, in hopes that in a real meetup? they will get access anyway.
so confirmation is key

this was a HOrrifc breach of trust,, that girl is NOT You friend, to use you for amusement

a LOT of young ladies, have had hours and hours of online role play.
I dont think this is conducive to a healthy Sexual attitude.

be thankful you got lucky
be careful of all online contacts
there ARE ways to get real world confirmation, if one knows how
I am glad to hear that your friend got you out of possibly being hurt or worse yet killed. 🙂
RyanUK · 31-35, M
Your friend helped you Dodge a potentially dangerous situation
@CalmUnderThePalm what a genuineness

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