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It is NOT 13. 馃ぃ

Saw this post on Reddit before. It's from someone else that took a screenshot of the equation and posted in a subcategory. Many were laughing hard, and some took it seriously.

Matt8536-40, M
Like me, he wasn't listening the day we were taught to expand out brackets.
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@Matt85 And this is how a lot of people get this wrong. Order of operations are very simple. I'm glad that you changed back when math was getting harder, this guy remained an idiot.
ScarletWitch26-30, F
I thought 6 to the 6th power was 36. I can't remember tbh
bunnieivy18-21, F
@SomeMichGuy how's that called generalization it doesn't generalize anything -_- I hate math
@xSiFiGamer2016x Good job!
@bunnieivy The binomial theorem gives one the ability to calculate

(a + b)^n

for any n, as a series of n + 1 terms.

So it generalizes the specific examples to any n.

Or you can write out Pascal's triangle...do it to n = 20...lmao.

The formula is obviously a generalization, and makes having a bunch of specific examples unnecessary.
fanuc201351-55, F
5 squared is 25
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@fanuc2013 Right, but this guy thinks it's 13. There are people who makes mistakes and fix them, and some who think they're right are wrong and keep being wrong.
This new Communist Math, will definitely, take us to the Moon, and back!!! Oh yeah!!!

xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@Oster1 馃ぃ馃槅 Bro.
@xSiFiGamer2016x 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃憤馃徎
@Oster1 You are a very good sport!!! 馃槉
馃 but the answer is 25
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@WhateverWorks Yeah, exactly. 馃槅
@xSiFiGamer2016x ok-ok good.. I was wondering if I was misunderstanding the joke because it seemed too obvious.
496sbc36-40, M
Ahaha the epitome of common core math at its best
The missing part is intriguing.

But interpreting

(2 + 3)^2


2^2 + 3^2


Shows how important cross terms are!
NudasPriest46-50, M
I sure hope that dude doesn't design aircraft for a living.
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@NudasPriest I hope this guy knows how to read deals for food and clothing, and I mean percentages. 馃槅
DDonde31-35, M
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@DDonde The best I could think of was that person used the exponent to go in both numbers, got the answers for those numbers, then added them to get 13. But we all know that's not how it goes. 馃槅
@xSiFiGamer2016x yeah that鈥檚 all I could come up with also
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@WhateverWorks Yeah, I get where that dude was coming from, but PEMDAS (or BODMAS) is a way to go to get the right answers. Some people are so sure of it and they don't check their answers, which is why I found that post funny. 馃槅
MonaMoona36-40, F
2+3 x 2+3 = 13
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@MonaMoona It's not 13 though.
MonaMoona36-40, F
@xSiFiGamer2016x yes it is I just calculated 2+3 = 5 x2+3 = 13 I don鈥檛 know I also got 11
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@MonaMoona That's not even close, either. In order to get the right answer, you need to follow the order of operations, and a formula called the binomial theorem.

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