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Do you interact with only those you agree with politically?

TelegramSam · 70-79
I have found that there is in fact NO interaction with those of a certain religious persuasion. They will simply speak AT others, not WITH others. Once anyone proclaims themselves as being "of the truth" , as the "true" this or that, they will declare and assert that there can be no dialogue between truth and error. They will never truly hear another. Thus they are simply not worth interacting with because, as said, there can be no interaction.
Nevaeh0081 · 36-40, F
@TelegramSam it's hard, yes.
WanderingThrough · 31-35, F
Heck no, we all have the right to believe what we want. I don’t engage with people who are verbally abusive when trying to make their point because there are ways to disagree peacefully. I just don’t have the patience for the nonsense that occurs when people start fighting about their beliefs.
Mostly but not always.
Same applies to beliefs and values; i prefer atheists, agnostics and Buddhists.
But I'll happily converse with persons of any view, so long as they're willing to talk in a civil and friendly way.
I like to understand the points of views of others - how they came to hold them, how they feel it supports their life, and so on.

If I come across someone who is rude, evangelistic or just unable to give their reasons - I'll back out and avoid them.
On rare occasions I have been triggered by rudeness - and I regret those errors.
TurtleDreams · 22-25, F
nope. I interact with who ever I see down my newsfeed.
PhluorescentLeech · 36-40, M
Of course dont allow political leaders drive a wedge between people with different ideas.
Or to tell why and how you disagree with others filling you with preconceived ideas that stop you from listening with an understanding mind-set.
Nevaeh0081 · 36-40, F
Well, it does make it easier.

But, " talking " with others with different perspectives sort of ...... broadens your horizons. 😉

As long as both parties are civil, I welcome it.

It opens the mind.
BohemianBoo · 18-21, M
No, but I will refuse to be friends with someone if their politics are bad enough. If someone believes in something truly disgusting, I won't just shrug it off.
DDonde · 31-35, M

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