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Until such time as we are allowed to rename groups, I suppose this one will remain.

tindrummer · M
charming b*tch isn't she
@tindrummer Indeed.
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
Did she really put that in writing? What a total idiot.
SAHgoddess · 46-50, F
Meh. Z's don't educate themselves enough to vote thoughtfully.
If they are going to vote for the dem war mongers they deserve the natural consequences.
tindrummer · M
@SAHgoddess I didn't say agree to disagree - I said disagree. I don't care if we agree on anything or not.

And give me a break - didn't you say last attempt?

Your ego won't be satisfied unless you get the last word in? Ok, go for it. Hope it makes your day.
@SAHgoddess [quote] in alternative facts and redefine words to make themselves feel better[/quote]
You appear to be suffering from an unfortunate case of projection.
[quote]Giving ammunition and weapons to anyone is war mongering.[/quote]
What would you prefer? That Russia destroy Ukraine as they did Crimea?
SAHgoddess · 46-50, F
@CorvusBlackthorne lmao.
Where was the projection? Do you also deny that Z's vote overwhelmingly dem? Smdh

All of you emotional ppl think war mongering is ok, as long as the intentions are in alignment with you. That is EXACTLY why the x post says the dem voters should help fight in the war that they support. Natural consequences for them.
bookerdana · M
They ALWAYS try to sneak that stuff in!🤬
Pfuzylogic · M
Just can’t hide being a “Jane”.
Well, gosh, isn’t [b]she[/b] an idiot ?
Perfect comeback, btw. 👍🏽

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