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It seems my mentally ill stalker Wotan has chosen to clone me on Twitter.

If any of you have a Twitter account, I need you to report him for impersonation.
This is serious. He is never going to stop.

Castenmas · M
Cloned by the Allfather? How flattering.
Lilnonames · F
That's the new thing now as they doing it on face book as well. But i have account on either.
Lilnonames · F
@CorvusBlackthorne now that's just weird. Lol
@Lilnonames He falsely accused me of targeting him on Yahoo! Answers. The fact was, it was much easier to get his "questions" promoting Nazism deleted than the answers attacking non-Christians.
Lilnonames · F
@CorvusBlackthorne i was on there long ago when they had yahoo chat as well
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
I don’t have Twitter or I would.

Was that the weirdo that came here to pick on you?
@iamonfire696 The very same. He approached me several months ago on a different account and introduced himself. I do not know what he expected to happen, but I blocked him. Now he has returned again.
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
@CorvusBlackthorne I am sorry, what a psycho. I have had internet stalkers but they are obsessed with me for other reasons.

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