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Where is my history?

When Similar Worlds first began, they were intended to be the spin-off of Experience Project. I was a member of Experience Project that was able to transfer the stuff I'd written from Experience Project to here. It took them a while to do this because so many people had signed up to have that done. After a while, it was finally transferred...however, now when I look back at my history, it is all gone. I wonder how come? All my history I was promised, thrown away. Please Similar Worlds, if you are going to promise that everything we have written is going to be safely transferred to your site, then you should let us know if it will eventually be deleted so we can back it up, or tell us it won't be there forever. I just don't understand why it is gone. It would be nice if there would have been a head's up.
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lifesinlimbo56-60, F
Ive noticed some of mine are now gone as well. This is so frustrating to me! They should have given us a warning so we could have somehow saved them 馃槬
PoisonLace36-40, F
[@555134,lifesinlimbo] Only some? Could it be a glitch in the system? Because ALL of mine are gone from that time.
lifesinlimbo56-60, F
[@9274,PoisonLace] yes only some, others actually transferred over to SW. I would contact admins if I were you

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