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I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds

Can we get a place to make notations about the people on our blocked list? So we dont look at it and think "Why did I block this person again?"
Absolutely great idea! This should fix many of the problems people usually have with the Block list. Thank you for this idea.
[@2,Nuno] 馃憤
SW User
What does one notate if they blocked someone for saying Hi?
[@844846,BigB2005] Just put "Said hi" by their name.
SW User
[@695370,Straylight] Isn't that a petty reason though?
[@844846,BigB2005] I guess.
yes, I thought of this once, too
SW User
That would be great
Celt4346-50, M
Why would you care about who you blocked or if someone blocked you? Good riddance to them
[@442387,Celt43] Its more like you block someone, then a year later you see them on the block list and cant remember why they're there, so you unblock them. Then you see a post and you're like, "Oh yeah, he's racist." And block him again.
Celt4346-50, M
[@695370,Straylight] yes actually that's very true

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