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are you on reddit?

Is it fun?
I have one but I don't really use it anymore. I mainly used to use it to post in-game photos of cars I would build on Forza & GTA 馃槄 I used to join & host car meets online & shit like that. Met a lot of people around the world who I could talk about cars with so that was kinda cool honestly
speefw00f11231-35, M
banned after a year into it with +/- 20 000 fake internet points...eau de fuck well, eh

and it's pretty much like here only 1500x more active
DDonde31-35, M
Yes. I'm on there a lot.
It's what you make of it. Some subs can be interesting. It's much much less personal than this site though.
It's also tends to lean towards being much more strict about what you can post. Subs try to curate their posts and content more carefully compared with a place like this, which is pretty much a free-for-all as far as the groups go.
@DDonde The moderation is atrocious there. Which is a huge part of the problem. You're always at the whim of the neck beard mafia that rules the mid teams.
DavidScott51-55, M
@DDonde do all questions have to be approved by a moderator?
@DavidScott Until you get a certain level of karma points
No. I鈥檝e peeked in there a few times, but nah.
I used to be and it is kinda good,but it's really hard to navigate at this point and cluttered and it isn't very user friendly or usable as a new member. It's kind of a pain in the ass unless you been there awhile and use it everyday.

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