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Getting in the last word and then blocking someone so they can't see what you wrote isn't cool.

It's a fuсking bitсһ move.

And that's why I feel justified in showing everybody exactly what you said.

Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
But to be fair, if they didn't block , this convo would have gotten so long it would have beaten the length of the Chinese wall.

I think you should see a block as a closure.
RoxClymer · 41-45, M
I spotted stuff like this and on other posts and blocked him before he could get around to me
@RoxClymer I suppose I should have as well.
Don't know what the guy you pointed out's opinions are on issues, but don't get so angry on this site... it's really not that deep.
@BritishFailedAesthetic He and I see eye to eye on so many issues. I see him so often beating me to the punch saying exactly what I would have said, and sometimes he says it better. But the second I interact with him, that's how he is. It's so extremely frustrating, particularly since he's operating from a twisted, fucked up perspective of me.
AntisocialTroll · 56-60, F
You'll have been autoblocked by the site once you reported him.
@AntisocialTroll I chose to let that happen in this case. Normally, I would block him, report all of his toxic abuse, then unblock him. But I decided I need to let the website force me to take a break. Also, I hadn't done that trick yet, and I stopped seeing his stuff.
I think he blocked me about a year ago .
And I seems to remember these types of conversations went down .

Some people just get nasty .
And then get their knickers in a knot when, to their innocent surprise - others get nasty back 🤷

You won't miss him 😏
@OogieBoogie I'm sure you're right. It just pisses me off because he makes so many insightful posts and comments, and then he's just like this.
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@OogieBoogie That's exactly what it is. It's just some people bring out the worst in others because that's all they've got in them, I guess. That's him.
travelguy01 · 41-45, M
I blocked that guy ages ago
@travelguy01 I guess I should have done the same, but I managed to become convinced that blocking was the tool of cowards. I don't know.
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If anybody's interested in seeing what went on after this bit, it's right here:

Since he's got me blocked, I returned the favor, after reporting all of his disgustingly sexual attacks.

Now, I think I need to log off and get some nice brain bleach going. Good night.

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