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What's your fav Karen experience here?

Mine was a crank that reported me like 48 times for bullying in 10 minutes (she told me) because I told her she was being a dick, because she was 馃ぃ
LordShadowfire46-50, M
Just happened a day or so ago. I posted a thinly veiled analogy, applying anti-vaxxer logic to the idea of driving without my headlights at night. I won't say who, because that would be against the rules. (That's a hint, everybody who is posting screenshots.) She popped in to say that I was stupid, and that if I'm driving without my headlights at night, she hoped I got arrested before I got in an accident. Which is exactly what I was getting at, and I assumed she was playing along. I told her to go say the same thing to the anti-vax crowd, at which point she started personally attacking me, bringing up times two years ago that I've lost my temper online, and basically calling me a piece of shit.
SilkenMist46-50, F
@LordShadowfire You are the last person on the planet that cares about vaccinations.
The entire planet has moved on, maybe you should do the same.

Maybe you mean well trying to cuss and act belligerent about it but believe me, no one cares anymore.
LetsGoBrandon31-35, M
I've never bother to pay attention to them. Waste of my time that is more Valuable than them.
SilkenMist46-50, F
There is some woman on here who I do not get along with and apparently her real life name is Karen.
Some old witch sent me a DM announcing that she was unblocking me as if she was doing me a favor. Because what she heard of me was false and that she hoped I was a good person. replied and asked her who she thought she was and how dare her qualify and judge me and to apologize. she responded with a vulgar tirade and to leave her alone after she messaged ME. lol
Joeyyy26-30, M
@SavoirFaire I don't know why people care haha, it's an online social site..if you don't like people don't interact with em. Drama here is funny.
SarithBorn18-21, M
Not had a Karen moment yet 馃
Joeyyy26-30, M
@SarithBorn give it time brother 鉁岋笍
SarithBorn18-21, M
@Joeyyy I don't know i am quite a calm person so we will see 馃ぃ
Patientlywaiting41-45, F
If you get reported, do SW tell you?
Joeyyy26-30, M
@Patientlywaiting only if you get in trouble
Max4126-30, M
Someone .
Joeyyy26-30, M
@Max41 great story 馃ぃ
redoux46-50, F
This isn't a store.
No customers, no karens.
Joeyyy26-30, M
@redoux aren't you fun 馃憖
redoux46-50, F
@Joeyyy As someone who has dealt with actual Karens. I sure am!

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