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This is for E P members. This is s w goal to us

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Our Goal is to continue the Experience Project vision, rebuilding a fresh new website with notable improvements to Privacy, Security and Functionality.

We aim to regroup and strengthen the Experience Project community, placing a lot of focus on listening to our members, providing what THEY want, while intelligently balancing the costs of running such an operation, so that this new site will not fall the same way as the old did.

We are a small team of very skilled and experienced individuals, with a strong history in managing very large online communities.
Day-to-day professionals in Programming, Design, Servers & Databases, Email Delivery Reputation and many other critical areas in relation to operating a large-scale membership platform.

Having built very large communities of hundreds of thousands of members, from the ground up, as well as previously moderating even larger communities of tens of millions of members on one of the world's largest social networks, we know exactly what it is like to take on such a monumental task.

Together with YOUR help, we believe that we will successfully continue and grow the vision that the good people at Experience Project once started.

Thank you for being here with us!

Did they reach there goal and listen to us
CopperFox420 · 36-40, F
Ah i remember that.

I’d say no tbh. And I don’t mean to put this place down. I wouldn’t know the first thing about running a website like this. But as a user, it’s just becoming more and more like mainstream social media which I’d say most of EP weirdos were trying to avoid.

It’s nothing like EP. EP was fun. I knew I could log on and have a laugh or see a dozen friends already on having a good time.

I’d really like to be done with SW for good. It’s more like self harm to be here. I’ve been trying to not use it but I’m addicted. Yet every time I come on I’m usually sorry that I did.
@CopperFox420 They were some fun times indeed but all good things usually come to and sometime . Was kinda like good sex, aww the memories 😌😅
when i came hear in 2016,all most all the members were from E,P,with in two years 50% were gone,,now we are in 2023,,I only know a dozen or more,,,sad,,😩
And how did that work out I wonder 🧐
candycane · 31-35, F
@InTheMostDelightfulWay if u look it didnt
@candycaneYup I remember 💁‍♂️
LostOrchid · F
Sw is now in the end days of ep feels like 😶
SpaceJesus · 41-45, M
Them listen to us? P'tooey

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