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Welcome back to myself

Way back when I found experience project. It turned into my online journal. But it's been years since then and I guess it's time for a new start. I have since had a more private online journal, really it was a personal blog I shared with a few people fewer of which actually read it. But then I got a new phone and have completely forgotten my login info and even my email login that I used for the account. So here I am months later maybe ready to write again. In the past I have found it help me fall asleep to write my mess of my thoughts down hopefully this will be enough for tonight because it's already after 1am and I'm more than ready to sleep.
Matt8536-40, M
Welcome back and good night.馃槾
olderuncle94470-79, M
welcome back love to read your journal.
Insomniac5631-35, F
@olderuncle944 so far this is the extent of it
olderuncle94470-79, M
@Insomniac56 thats ok ill add you as a friend im sure you will post more
Pretzel61-69, M
Welcome from another former EPeep
Strictmichael7561-69, M
Welcome back
What intrigues me is the "to myself" bit. As one who would like to aspire to that - for myself, we might have something in common. Welcome.
Insomniac5631-35, F
@alan20 well I'm not here for anyone other than myself.
@Insomniac56 Same here basically. Generally if I can please another I'm pleasing myself, so it's not altruistic.
Insomniac5631-35, F
@alan20 I'm not here to please anyone. I mean I try to make sure I'm not offensive but that's it

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