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I was on it for a while [I Found the Experience Project]

I’d say about three years I was on there and honestly I don’t see what everyone loved. Im sorry but in my time there if I understood now what I understood then a lot of users would’ve been in a lot of trouble. Had to say it but I think experience project isn’t what everybody made out to be
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candycane · 31-35, F
I had a great time there it was simple and more fun than here
AmeliaJadexxx · 18-21, C
[@401618,candycane] it was dangerous. People here care about the safety of others on here
LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
I was on it for YEARS on and off, probably since around it's second year...
Everyone talks about that one poor woman who died but there was more than one. In the darker recesses of EP, you might as well have been on the deep web.

That place was awful.
AmeliaJadexxx · 18-21, C
I feel we had similar experiences [@8345,LucyFuhr]
LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
[@1166673,AmeliaJadexxx] What I don't understand is how more people didn't. It wasn't exactly a secret, nor did I go looking for it.
It was a whole crime scene right out in the open.
AmeliaJadexxx · 18-21, C
Honestly I was too young to understand it all and I wish I knew[@8345,LucyFuhr]
Considering it started in 2007 , as an ameture project for socially disabled, and people with physical diverse issues - it wasn't meant to grow so big .

And it was meant to be used altruistically.
But, as with anything good, it grew, and became diverse .

From memory, it was meant to used by adults.

I think here is definitely more user monitored.

But with any place , one has to be careful.
And take control of issues as much as they can .

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