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Nina's Blog - Monday 20th November 2023

Monday 20th November 2023, 21:26

Inspired by @BarbossasHusband's question

Is there anyone else on SW who has Norwegian as their second (or third, or umpteenth) language? If so which pairs of words do you find difficult?

For me it's words like ny og nytt, god og godt. I can never remember which to use when I'm speaking despite understanding that the first of each pair is masculine and the second is neuter because I just can't remember which nouns have which gender! I also have trouble with the definite articles den (masculine, feminine), det (neuter), de (plural) for the same reason.

And as for all the rules for adjectives that depend on exactly what ending they have, I'm not sure native speakers always get them right either! See

I'm grateful for small mercies, comparatives don't agree in gender!
turbineman40 · 80-89, M
I can't help you at all with your language unless its English with a Southern slow drawl. Haha
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
@turbineman40 When I was in Raleigh I was frequently assumed to be American. My original accent is English West Country which is also slowly spoken, with rhotic rs. Commonly called a West Country burr.
Dacrowman · 70-79, M
A lot of Americans have trouble speaking the queens English
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
@Dacrowman Surely it's now the king's English! :-)
Dacrowman · 70-79, M
@ninalanyon I stand corrected 😬

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