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Facebook Inbox

I cant say it on there but I can here. I hate hate, hate when guys jump into my DMs! Its so annoying!! I just want to scroll and be left alone.
There is only one guy I like to ever hear from and its been a minute there. Other than him, I wish they'd all just fk right off
Kenworth495456-60, M
If they really knew you im certain they would 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
this seems like it'd be more likely to draw fire, but sorry.
@Justgirl I'd just think that there are enough special sorts here who'd find it amusing to try to jump into dms. but maybe here isn't an issue and facebook is the only place where it annoys you.
Justgirl36-40, F
@stound oh I see. Thank you. Yes here can be an issue at times. There are some seemingly well meaning individuals that message me here. Until they get weird and I get rude. Facebook is a different world where everyone knows ya and where you work and I just feel like I can't relax on there
@Justgirl yeah, I can understand that. facebook and insta are close to home.
like sm people be crushin on me or flirting and it's so weird 馃槶 like sorry not sorry but I only got eyes for my crush
Does that one guy know?
I never message anyone...I only use Facebook Marketplace to sell and buy things.
SamInAZ41-45, M

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