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I remember one time this one girl was so sick of me having a crush on her

She said she’d fart in my face.

I mean it almost worked, but nah the crush didn’t go away. Definitely caught me of guard tho.
That's actually a kink for some people. Maybe she was tryna tell you something 🤔
@ChiefWalksWith40oz I really thought about whether it’d be a good idea to share this on here or not lmao
@Pressure yeah I hold back from most of the posts I almost make 😅 at least you didn't sound like you liked it though. & If you thought about it for a sec then hey 🤷 no judgement lol
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@Jokersswild nah I don’t think I have covid anymore but thanks for your concern. I’m feeling a lot better now.
Jokersswild · 18-21
@Pressure My Dear, your sickness is not one that lives in your body. It is in your mind. You need spiritual healing.
@Jokersswild you’re right, cause why do I love people I can’t have 🥲

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