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How short is the shortest skirt you have seen someone wear in public?

lindaleemini22-25, F
I wear mine very short up to the edge of my butt cheeks with maximum no more than 1/2 in above the cheeks. That鈥檚 the shortest I dare to wear with nothing under.馃
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Highskirt51-55, M
@lindaleemini my wife has a similar dress but ....hers is longer .well done to you 馃構
@lindaleemini I do think you are right on target there, I love to take out a girl likes to be seen
maturemuff6161-69, F
Something like this
@maturemuff61 wonderful. Great outfit.
Highskirt51-55, M
@maturemuff61 always a pleasure to see her
Jacko197151-55, M
@maturemuff61 you have lovely legs
Jenna7641-45, F
just under her cheeks, she did have a thong on (so conservative lol)
Rhode5756-60, M
A micro mini showed alot of her ass and her pussy
@Rhode57 Was she on a stage? 馃槄
Rhode5756-60, M
@chrisCA No it was a girl I knew .

Some time I will wear this outfit and go for a walk in the woods
@BonnieWillRingsYourBell Isn't it more of a street walker outfit?
No I feel it's more of a woods walking outfit.馃グ@LamontCranston
@BonnieWillRingsYourBell careful, there are wolves out there in the woods
hippyjoe195561-69, M
I followed a young woman down the shopping mall one day and her skirt was so short her panties were visible. I am a fair bit taller than she is so.... I refer to those kind of skirts as 'bum wraps'.
Sometimes when I go to the mall

likesnatural70-79, M
@lovebeingasissy Awesome legs!
I take care of them.@likesnatural
Highonheels51-55, M
@lovebeingasissy what sexy legs you have my dear
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Not short enough 馃槴 馃榿
hunkalove61-69, M
I could see her thong!
Guitarman12331-35, M
My ex gf skirt
i dont have the pic, but I love to walk out with a girl that enjoys showing off
if it is not showing panties,, it si too short
How about your own shortest skirt?
Ass-cheek short, with no underwear.
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LisaL41-45, T
For sure a micro.
ap19951-55, M
Love, love, short skirts. I was at a firework show and saw girl in a skin tight short dress with the bottom of her butt cheeks showing. I loved it. I would be proud to hang out with somebody who enjoys tight short skirts.
Rpfun7861-69, M
How short is your shortest skirt. ?
Do you agree shorts skirts you should only wear thong underwear on underwear
Highskirt51-55, M
My wife wore an ultra short skirt out .it basically only just hid her thong
Justferfuun136-40, M
Tennis skirt. Not very many short skirts out my way.
fenomen0241-45, M
I saw someone NOT wearing a skirt LOL
above the panty,
i approved
Braybray31-35, M
[image deleted]

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