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Small Wins

I'm going to try to reflect each day on my accomplishments for the day. Hopefully they get better over time, and hopefully I stick with this. I was reading that reflecting over the successes of your day can help build self-efficacy and increase one's motivation to continue tackling hard things. So, without further ado... let me celebrate the small wins:

1. I didn't want to go to work today, but I went.

2. A coworker was VERY unprofessional toward me at a meeting today. I maintained my cool and after the meeting my composure was praised by my coworkers. I also followed up by making a formal complaint to that individual's supervisor, because she essentially said "f#$*! you" during the meeting, and normally I would just talk to someone one on one, but she showed that she would not be amenable to that. At least at this time.

3. I wanted to drink today. I wanted to message an ex. I wanted to find some sort of comfort, because I am still upset about the ending of our relationship. But I refrained from doing all of that and only ate healthy foods today.

4. I answered my brother's call and let him vent. I have a rule that I never miss a family member's call, and I try to be there for them when they need me.
Badmaster · 61-69, M
Count blessings help. Write them down so you can reflect on them
Musicman · 61-69, M
I am so proud of you. Well done! 😊😊😊
robertsnj · 56-60, M
you were awesome today! and good not job not messaging your ex and not drinking. I am sorry you had a rough day today
Mudkip · 31-35, M
I wouldn't answer my sister's call if they would wanna vent. So kudos to that
Umile · 41-45, F
👏 👏 👏


Keep up the good work.

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