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Walking Thoughts: Does anyone else believe that the lifting of restrictions and mandates was a less celebratory occasion than previously thought?

A thought I had while walking. I, much like many others during 2020 looked forward to the day where restrictions and mandates would be lifted. I couldn't wait to be able to do certain things and see people I haven't in a long time.

Well, within the last month or so that day slowly started to occur as state governments lifted restrictions if they deemed that enough people had been vaccinated. Finally! I thought. The day has come. But when it did I didn't feel quite like I thought I would like I thought that I should. What I looked forward to in anticipation I felt only apathy and the phrase, "Okay, that's cool...I guess."

I don't know if this made any sense. It sounded better in my head while I was out for my nightly walk. But did anyone else feel differently than they thought they would?
Mamapolo2016 · F Best Comment
I think it would be more so if it had happened all at once and if the infections had just stopped. Also, there has been so much dithering and complicated rules by government agencies trying to please all the people all the time.

I just read that a cashier was fatally shot and an off-duty deputy also shot but not seriously injured due to his armored vest by a man when the cashier asked him to pull up his mask.

It's not over till it's over, I guess.
Bri89 · 31-35, M
@Mamapolo2016 I read about that earlier. It's all gone insane.
@Bri89 Not nearly everybody is insane, but enough to give one pause.

SmileSunshine · 31-35, F
I think this makes total sense. There’s so many facets to consider, angles, perspectives and anxiety/anxiousness. Things are different now, finding the “new normal” is yet to be determined. I totally think your feelings are valid. Thanks for sharing!
Coralmist · 41-45, F
For me, the total lifting of restrictions just seemed a bit early. EVEN if one is vaccinated, you can still transmit this bugger, and we don't know the long term effects of even if it may prevent hospitalizations, who knows what it can do to our system long term. Does it linger? Some people do still have breathing issues that did survive the bad strains. I am getting my second dose soon, but will still wear masks. I wish I could've also felt more excitement of the lifting, but the numbers have JUST started coming seems too soon for ME anyway to toss the mask just yet.
Yeah California opened today. Finally.
It's been nice. @Spoiledbrat
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