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So many lonely people on here

I am one of them! 馃槩 I miss my mom
AlienFox36-40, F
Hugs. I lost my parents young too. It messes with you.
SubstantialKick31-35, M
My dad passed away 12 years ago so I know how you feel.
Sadly the world is a lonely place.
@Benjr134 I don't think that it is a lonely place as such, but it can feel very lonely at times.
@SW-User I have a cat
@Vin53 They can be great companions. They seem to have a deep independence of their own, yet their affection is apparent - especially when there is food about!

We once had a cat, inherited from my daughter when she broke up with a boyfriend. Called Weall after some TV character I'd never heard of.

Here is a picture:-

Must be long gone now, but we do still have a little photo of him on a shelf in our home.
Sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is very hard and never gets easier.
Pretzel61-69, M
sorry dear.

My dad died 3 years ago - I still miss him.
Some holes will never be filled. And I think it is wrong to try to fill them. Maybe there will always be something missing, especially where there was a relationship of love. But there [i]are[/i] others to love, who need our love. And we need theirs. Tomorrow is another day.

Sorry for your loss.
馃敟Always remember your mom like an eternal flame in your heart!
Do summat about it. Join clubs etc
Slade56-60, M
I do too 馃珎
Oh dear
I understand and empathize. I lost my mother this year, too and the world feels very different. 馃槥
JaneCas26-30, F
@bijouxbroussard thank you yes it sure does, there鈥檚 not a day that goes by I don鈥檛 think of he
[image deleted]

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