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Would you break up with a guy if he had smelly feet

I mean, he's polite, he takes a bath every day but wears smelly socks whenever he can.
Have you ever expermiented this issue?
SubstantialKick · 31-35, M
If I was dating someone who had smelly feet because they were too lazy to wash them, it might be a problem.
Lostinthe80s · 36-40, M
I ended up with a girl who had very, very stinky feet and did nothing to change it, it was one of the worst relationships I had, besides that she was an obsessive person, I had to send her to hell.
TheArbitrator · 36-40, M
@Lostinthe80s You killed her?
Lostinthe80s · 36-40, M
@TheArbitrator She was about to kill me when she grabbed my car keys, I just rejected her as obsessive and psychopathic people should be rejected.
[quote]wears smelly socks whenever he can[/quote]

The problem is not in the sweat or at feet, it's in the head.
He better change clothes after a shower
morrgin · F
If I just met him I wouldn't date him
Eww, I couldn’t deal with someone who had bad hygiene, especially if it was part of a fetish ! No thank you. 🤢
TheArbitrator · 36-40, M
I wouldn't break up with a girl because she had smelly feet. I would help her find a solution. If she has athlete's foot, she could see a doctor or we could do research and find a remedy. No, I wouldn't break up with someone I liked because of something like that. But If they refuse to take action and do something about it, I might break up with them.
TheArbitrator · 36-40, M
Laziness is detestable, but I have a big heart and I try to work with people. My first wife had a habit of coming home and not taking a bath before going to bed. She got off work around the same time as me, so I would rush home to make her a bath and even put rose petals in it sometimes. She went for it for awhile, but then she started saying, "I'm too tired," and went straight to bed without bathing. It made me furious and I started thinking she was lazy and an unclean person. I later found out the issue was psychological.

I've learned that Nobody is perfect; We all have flaws. If you're with someone that you like, you should ignore the trivial things. Otherwise, you will end up alone or make yourself miserable.

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