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Ever wondered what living with adhd is like?

Spent 20 min tearing the whole apartment apart today looking for my husbands wallet only to find it.. in his back pocket馃ス

Meanwhile I forgot to bring the bag I packed before we started looking cause I got distracted 馃ス

Both my husband and I have adhd 馃槀 At least we laugh at ourselves instead of getting annoyed, cause we both do the same stupid shit 馃ス

Also forgot to take my adhd meds this morning.. it鈥檚 funny how people say you鈥檒l get addicted to them, cause I keep forgetting to take them 馃槀
Matt8536-40, M
Oh lawd.

My sister thinks I might have it. She was some kind of psych managerial person for a while.
Matt8536-40, M
@Cassieeeee I would imagine so, like most mental illnesses which is often very, very personalized aswell. What kind of stuff to you do?

I would like to know if I have it. Got a few things on the to-do list first.馃槈

I hope the meds work out for you. :)
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@Matt85 Yeah, a lot of people try to selfdiagnose on social media, but adhd symptoms can be so many other things too, so it's better to get a proper evaluation :)

What do you mean what I do?
Matt8536-40, M
@Cassieeeee Auww, I dunno if I wanna go back to hospital.馃槃

I apologize, you already provided some context in the original post. If you can elaborate on that, I was wondering what sort of things (symptoms) I should be looking for.
caPnAhab26-30, M
pretty much this
@caPnAhab I am totally this.
caPnAhab26-30, M
@Iwillwait yes, same 馃
Penny46-50, F
my ex bf and youngest daughter have adhd. to me it looks like a lot of tidying up for them and doing stuff for them that they dont care about lol (like living in a clean and especially organized house)
TurtlePink22-25, F
Guardian56-60, M
Sounds like every other day for me. Usually a Monday, a Tuesday or a Wednesday!
Starcrossed41-45, F
Nope, no need to wonder- I'm livin' the dream.
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@Starcrossed Riight.. 馃ス it鈥檚 a blessing and a curse..
uncalled456-60, M
I'd hate living with ADHD. But, I do, in a way. My gf has it, as do band members, coworkers, and friends. God has strategically placed ADHD people at the hub of nearly everything I need to get done, and, well, nothing f-ing gets done.
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@uncalled4 But I bet you laugh a lot鈥 and that your life is unpredictable and interesting at least 馃ス
uncalled456-60, M
@Cassieeeee Sometimes, yes.
Set your alarm at the same time every morning to take your meds.
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@DoNotDisturb I do 馃ス I took them today..
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Cassieeeee31-35, F
@Bang5luts I drink like 3 coffees a day, then wonder why I鈥檓 tired
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iamonfire69641-45, F
Does your husband take meds for it? Take them together maybe?

I am sorry Cass 馃┓
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@iamonfire696 No he was forced to take them as a kid and didn鈥檛 like how it made him feel. But he鈥檚 doing good without them 鈽猴笍
iamonfire69641-45, F
@Cassieeeee I am glad he鈥檚 managing okay without them 馃┓
Workerbee31-35, M
Ehh I have an idea of what it鈥檚 like

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