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What have y'all been up to since I left?

I think it's been about 4 months no?馃ス

I've started adhd meds, but I'm still in the trial phase cause the first meds made me really sick^^ I was supposed to up my meds after my vacation, but I forgot to bring them, so I'm basically starting over馃槀 I also had my last therapy session this month, and not sure how to feel about it 馃ス I miss having someone to talk to and get advice from (someone outside of my closest circle). I've been working, studying and now I'm working on my bachelor as well as science.. So I have two big classes this semester, but then I'm hopefully done with my bachelor 馃ス There's been some moments where I've wanted to come on here to share with y'all but I tried to stay on track and focus, but here I am 馃ス
HumanEarth56-60, F
Maybe this little story will make you feel just a little better and bring a smile to your face.

So I was in the car with my wife last night about 8, 8:30 PM. When a cop pulls us over and my wife my wife is driving. Wife asked the cop why you pull us over?

The cop said "There been some unusual activity in area. Do you mind telling me where you where between 5 and 6?"

My wife said without missing a beat says this. "Kindergarten"

Cop busts out laughing, hands back her drivers license and says "your free to go"
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@HumanEarth Okeiii yea that made me laugh 馃槀
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It sounds like youre doing really well. Best of luck with your bachelors degree. It can get tough, but that's good. It means youre growing.. you got this 馃挭
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@SW-User Thanks馃ス
It is good to see you and hear of your successes. I don't know you but it is nice to see you sharing your stories again
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@mindlessdrifter Thanks馃ス
I'm glad you've returned. And, I hope you're doing well. 馃槉
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@PhoenixPhail I am okei thanks, hope you're good too 馃ス
@Cassieeeee Thanks. I'm glad you're doing okay.
ineedadrink51-55, M
Nice to hear that you have been productively engaged with travel & school. Yay you!
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@ineedadrink Thanks馃ス I still feel like I'm far behind in school tho馃ス
Good to see you. Sounds like you been extra busy. Glad you're doing so well.
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@Bexsy Thanks! How are you doing?
Pretzel61-69, M
Keep up the good work Cassie.
Hope the meds work for you
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@Pretzel Thanks 馃槃
Degbeme70-79, M
I`ve just carried on being a pain the ass around here. I mean why change now. 馃槵
vetguy199151-55, M
Just working
Sorry, but I didn鈥檛 know you were gone or here in the first place. 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@RedBaron That's okei, I don't know you either so makes sense 馃槄
smileylovesgaming31-35, F
Did u take adhd meds growing up.
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@smileylovesgaming Nope, I was diagnosed about a year ago or something 馃槄 Probably would've had way less trauma If I did^^
smileylovesgaming31-35, F
@Cassieeeee why bother getting the meds when u have been fine without them for the last 30 year's
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@smileylovesgaming Because I haven't been fine for the last 30 years 馃ス
StevetheSleeve31-35, M
Where did you go on vacation?
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@StevetheSleeve Finland, Estonia and Latvia 馃ス
StevetheSleeve31-35, M
@Cassieeeee Wow. Cool
basilfawlty8931-35, M
Hey, welcome back!
iamonfire69641-45, F
I am glad you鈥檙e making progress 馃┓. I have missed you and I am so happy you鈥檙e back.
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@iamonfire696 I've missed you too 馃┓
iamonfire69641-45, F
@Cassieeeee how are the adhd meds going?
Cassieeeee31-35, F
@iamonfire696 I first started on Ritalin, and it made me so sick I eventually went to the ER 馃ス Now I'm trying some new meds but I forgot all my meds when I went on vacation, so I started over again on them today.. Ritalin really helped tho, so it's sad that they made me so sick.. 馃ズ
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Cassieeeee31-35, F
@Darksideinthenight2 Thank you 馃ス

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