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What is something you wish you knew more about?

poisonouscupcake22-25, F
movies maybe? i haven鈥檛 seen a lot of famous movies and i feel left out sometimes馃槄 i also am easily impressed by every movie i see so idk anything about what makes something a good movie and like how production works
iamnikki31-35, F
@poisonouscupcake I haven't seen a lot of classics either. At one point, I was trying to watch 1 classic per weekend. I've never seen Titanic. Don't know anything about James Bond, Pretty Woman, I haven't seen much of anything.
I love watching behind the scenes of movies though. I'm the blockbuster days, I'd rent, and watch the bloopers before the movies 馃槃
poisonouscupcake22-25, F
@iamnikki everytime i went to my aunts growing up we鈥檇 always pick a movie at family video n watch it that night n it was the best馃樅
but nowadays i usually just watch the same few pixar movies or the series i like like jumanji, night at the museum, etc馃槄
iamnikki31-35, F
@poisonouscupcake that's fun. Sometimes I'd get dropped off at blockbuster while my mom ran errands nearby. It would take me that long to look at bloopers and find movies.

I tend to watch the same movies too. The familiarity of it
iamnikki31-35, F
How life would be after high school. More specifically, how my personal life would fall apart.

Buying a house
chasingThursday36-40, M
@iamnikki yeah, I feel ya there
First aid and applicable medical knowledge.
@Colonelmustardseed I remember a time when I really wanted to learn and I wasted time until I forgot all about it.
chasingThursday36-40, M
@Colonelmustardseed first aid and CPR knowledge are mandatory where I work
@SW-User Honestly, same. Now I have no money to play around with so I have to wait more except for whatever info I can find online to study for free. (Not the same as applicable studies)
Dynamics of non-Newtonian fluids
chasingThursday36-40, M
@AbbySvenz I haven鈥檛 seen you in awhile 馃檪
If I could swallow a pill that would magically teach me a whole language, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I'm a lousy language learner, but I wish I weren't. I studied Latin in high school, and a year of French in college, but I can really only make myself understood in English.
Queendragonfly31-35, F
I wish I could dance professionally. It's so beautiful.
chasingThursday36-40, M
@Queendragonfly I can鈥檛 dance 馃槄
Finance. I want to be one of those flash annoy rich peeps.
11knaves1141-45, M
The market before CD's actually became a thing馃憣馃徑
lovelychicadee41-45, F
Cars and how to fix them myself.
TheFragile46-50, M
@TheFragile biology is better
Starcrossed41-45, F

Finance terminology now that I'm faking it till I make it in a new department.

Some craftwork like crochet, quilting, sewing, quilling.
taneegoan31-35, F
secrets of natures , a lot things have seen and not seen still amazed me
chasingThursday36-40, M
@taneegoan like what鈥檚 in the deepest part of the ocean
taneegoan31-35, F
@chasingThursday not only that i love to places like rift valley
SilkenMist46-50, F
How to speak French and also Spanish but I am working on it at least.
pride4926-30, M stuff ... Where to find a companion out here.
what's on a woman's mind 馃
chasingThursday36-40, M
@beermeplease yes, that would be helpful lol
novaguy2u70-79, M
The secret of eternal youth....
QueenOfTheNerds41-45, F
Long arm quilting. 馃槍
Muthafukajones46-50, M
Fluid dynamics
Middle eastern cuisine
Wilderness survival
exotic22-25, F
Bleak36-40, F
Kwek0041-45, M
Starchild198336-40, F
chasingThursday36-40, M
Jexie22-25, F
My future
chasingThursday36-40, M
@Jexie yeah, me too

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