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There are more people enslaved today than at any time in human history. Including during the transatlantic slave trade days.

Why dont we hear more about this?
I would suggest that the definition of modern slavery now would have encompassed more than just the transatlantic slave trade in the past, such that the numbers would be much closer if not worse then than now. The definition of modern slavery encompasses practices which were very much happening back then too but which would not have been included in the then definitions of slavery. It's similar to how the definition of sexual assault encompasses a lot more now than it used to in the past. As our society has moved forward we have expanded our definitions to suit our evolving morality.
@SW-User This is an excellent point
Spotpot · 41-45, M
@SW-User Sexual assault is ovehyped this day.
Are you certain about that ? Or is it just another way of dismissing the past by history revisionists ? 😞
@bijouxbroussard I won't disagree with you. I just feel in this media driven world, using language now chasing what becomes viral we have lost meaningful conversation from all sides of the political spectrum.

The Guardian is balanced for you, in your political viewpoints. The Guardian's mirror mine, I really was trying to state we will never have balanced media solely based off revenue, ever. One could argue, their writers are enslaved to an ideology (like all media outfits).
@thewindupbirdchronicles That is fair. However, it would be good to have the information that informed your opinion.
@Ozymandiaz Maybe, but I decided a long time ago I don't like the conversation or decorum with politics, a long time ago. That it's vile, against what creates dialogue that creates change. That the change will never come from media (with respect things need to be talked about and discussed), but I'm done. You can be stripped of your dignity, you can be cattled in a protest by police, watching an elderly man coming out of a McDonalds who had nothing to do with a protest, or the police overreaction. You can watch his hair follicles stand on end, through his white shirt, while he pleads with police for help. It's nothing compared to what some see, but no news I have ever really read in politic has really given, empathy. To me, politics is an empty path.
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
People don't want to grapple with it. Look at all those sweat shops that so many companies here use to produce cheap goods to satiate customers.
@deadgerbil Yeah man, it is undeniable that The West and everyone within benefits enormously from modern slavery. It would be impossible to take the moral high ground if the truth was acknowledged
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
@Ozymandiaz it's all a symptom of greed. It's often said how kids are working in mines to produce batteries for EVs. The people in these companies like Musk would rather casually fling 40 billion dollars to wreck Twitter than to invest that into creating an a safe and fair work environment
@deadgerbil Even more than that I suspect that people living in the western world would not tolerate having to shoulder the price increase for everything they purchase if everyone involved was paid a fair wage.

We all have benefited from it. Some of us more than others.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
This doesn't support the narrative that White Supremacy is the ultimate problem in America and the West.

Additionally, elites are likely patronizing the sex slave trade so it isn't in their interest to call attention to it.
@SumKindaMunster I think its more a narrative of how people shy away from the issues that make them feel uncomfortable
The modern definition is rather far from the original definition.

[quote] [b]Forced labor is the biggest component of modern slavery[/b]

Many of the people characterized as modern slaves endure conditions considered "forced labor" — employed but unable to quit because their employer withholds their earnings, they owe debt to their employer or, for migrants, their employer threatens deportation.

In 2021, 28 million people were estimated to be working under forced labor conditions — an eighth of whom were children. According to the report, the majority of cases were found in the private sector, while in about 14% of cases governments imposed work requirements as a form of punishment, among other reasons. The greatest prevalence of forced labor was in Arab countries, followed by Europe and Central Asia.

The report also estimated roughly 22 million people were living in forced marriages in 2021. The number of people involuntarily wedded grew by 6.6 million compared to 2016. Nearly two-thirds of all forced marriages were found to be in Asia and the Pacific, followed by Africa, the survey found.

One of the drivers of forced and child marriages is poverty — oftentimes financially desperate families see marriage as a means to secure a stable future for their children, according to the report. [/quote]
@DarkHeaven Too true. And, sadly, I believe that many of the world's forced marriages are child brides in India. Not that it's terribly common there, but with 1.4 billion population, the numbers add up fast.
@ElwoodBlues horrible. I watched Special Ops: Lioness on paramount and the basically arranged (forced) marriage on that show broke my heart. I can’t even imagine if it was a child… and real.
@ElwoodBlues No one is claiming it is chattel slavery although it still exists to various degrees. What I don't understand is that people will obfuscate with semantics. Rather than acknowledge the issue.

It has the sense to me of some old timer using the "In my day argument" to trivialise the plight of a younger generation.

I am in no way saying that is what you are doing but I am very wary of people using the argument.
Human trafficking is big business, unfortunately.
@DarkHeaven It is a huge business. Especially poor women trafficked to the west for sex.
@Ozymandiaz it’s very sad.
Elessar · 26-30, M
In absolute numbers because the world is far more populated than it was in the past, I'm assuming?

I'll give it a read later on after work
It's strife. But, money talks and hides it away. The way the World Cup was handled was ridiculous.
@V00doo The World Cup was a proper scandal

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