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They just advertised virtual dentistry in my hometown

You can send a selfie and a dentist will face time you with recommendations..im sorry, [i]wuttt[/i]
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dubkebab · 51-55, M
@foldedunfolding My next novella already has 1/3 chapter devoted to thine divine juggs,fair maiden.
foldedunfolding · 36-40, FVIP
@Haniazed lmaooo oh mannnn..i remember my mom said that she had the bg's once and was miserable..had to pull over into a field and my dad rubbed her back and comforted her..she had already married him, but said that was the FIRST TIME she realized he loved her..wild
foldedunfolding · 36-40, FVIP
@Haniazed also..those [i]poor billy goats[/i]

AbbySvenz · F
“Open a little wider.. okay now grab with the pliers… you’re doing great! Wait, lean in a bit closer to your phone… that’s it…”
lumberjackslam · 41-45, M
@AbbySvenz hey wait what's all that black crud? have you been eating too many cookies by chance? 👨‍⚕️
That’ll be 695 dollars, we’ll bill your insurance company
AuRevoir · 36-40, M
*Gets a brilliant business idea!!* 😃

😃 "Hi ladies! I am doctor gynecologist! If you will please send me a pic with ur panties down I will diagnose ur health right away!" 😃😃😃
@foldedunfolding I don’t get it…🤔😅
foldedunfolding · 36-40, FVIP
@Haniazed peace means im dipping and leaving you to ittt
@foldedunfolding Ahh…I am clueless sometimes😅
deadteddy · 26-30, F
At least it’s not online dental school 🥹
I can hadly wait until i can mail my teeth to the dentist to get em fixed up..
My dentist never just looked. Even when everything was fine, there were a few spots he needed to poke or scrape a little to make sure it was fine. And even if there's nothing to even have slight doubts about, there's no way you can get a proper view of everything with a phone. If this is serious, a lot of things will go undetected and need more treatment later on than if he had looked at it in person right away.
dubkebab · 51-55, M
That's it,I'm going into business. Sharpie? check. Cardboard placard? check. pliers,toothpaste? got 'em.
"Experimental dental procedures~as seen on facebook marketplace-send selfie for latest Ai-infused-cyberiteration-wholistic-noninvasive steps towards a more integrated user friendly smile profile-thirty bucks."

That would whoop ass over my last "psychiatric advice,80 cents" booth enterprise.
Degbeme · 70-79, M
Tried that and i haven`t heard back ....

Prisoner1972 · 51-55, MVIP
@Degbeme I'm truly sorry i saw that picture. It takes alot to make this grown man cry. Like that scene with a girl and the purple coat in "Schindler's List." And this picture.
Prisoner1972 · 51-55, MVIP
@Degbeme Thanks for ❤️'ing my last comment. For that, "...you have my gratitude."
Prisoner1972 · 51-55, MVIP
That's a very economical way of handling dentistry. Because having a normal dentist is not affordable for some people. But here's a good way to raise money to afford a normal dentist..
PhilDeep · 51-55, M
In the UK a lot of folks were doing tooth extractions themselves apparently 😨 Seems like someone's going to get rich from this 😅
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
That's a great idea. I was thinking about starting a virtual breast exam clinic using face time.
Pawpaw2molly · 61-69, M
Like,……I recommend you get a pair of pliers and start pulling teeth?????
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
Neat! I didn’t know they could do X-rays via Zoom now! 😂
TheEmperor · 26-30, M
Could I interest you in volcano insurance?
Prisoner1972 · 51-55, MVIP
@TheEmperor I'm interested, as long as you come to my meeting tonight where I can explain to you how you can make the dream of business ownership a reality in your life.
Prisoner1972 · 51-55, MVIP
That sounds like a bad april fool joke.
Quimliqer · 61-69, M
For a fee. No more face to face!!
bellybuttonfan17 · 36-40, M
Must be a new scam to source pics.
fun4us2b · M
Pain free dentistry
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
From a cosmetic perspective a dentist can make recommendations.
If there is something more aesthetic going on they can offer a summary of their findings.
They suggest you come in do they can compare findings.
supersnipe · 61-69, M
What for? Virtual toothache?
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Renaci · 36-40
Really into the digital picks. Pretty painless unless you bite your phone.

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