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Is it safe to talk to people with this warning?

We recommend you avoid sharing your contact details.

In case any user asks you to send money to them, or asks for sensitive information such as your address or password, please use extreme caution. Be very careful of the amount of trust you put in someone you met online, as scams and other malicious activities are very common online. If you suspect that a user is trying to scam you, please report the message immediately, by pressing Report at the bottom of the message, and do not reply to that user anymore.
Maybe on a very surface level. But after seeing that warning, I don’t particularly want to talk to them anyway.
AdaXI · 41-45, T
Wouldn't say it's unsafe unless you're literally planning on giving them your personal details, lolz. The warning is more just a heads up that they might potentially be the type of person who'd ask for them.

The warning is often triggered automatically as well, like if a newbie uses any kind of financial wording (borrow, cash, credit, money, etc) in a private message that warning would probably appear above it, even if they'd done nothing wrong and the message was completely harmless.

Obviously the warning is there for a reason though and a lot of the time these people might be trying to lead you off onto a cryptocurrency site or whatever so it's always worth keeping them at arms length.
That seems to be a standard warning on all newer accounts. It doesn't mean the algorithm suspects they have any such intentions, so it depends on the conversation. If they ask you about all kinds of things regarding your identity or press you to continue on another platform right off the bat, block them. If they're more into what interests you rather than who you are, it's usually fine.
Jimbo1 · 46-50, MNew
It should be taught in old folk homes and PTA meetings. Its not kids, but the old and late middle aged that fall for these.
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