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If I delete a SW account do the stories and PM all get deleted

I have an old account that I now feel ready to remove. I don’t want to be contacted via it. If I delete it will it all disappear ?
SW User
no - I believe there's an option to keep or deleted the stories but the PM will stay regardless with the person you talk with - you won't have access to them but they'll still keep a copy of the chat although they can't write to you anymore cause well.. you're gone.
SW User
[@526516,Deadcutie] yeah they do - cause if you've uploaded them and then you go out, your photos get deleted and hence no point of reference for those questions and PMs
Sunflowerx · 51-55, F
That’s what I wanted to hear [@556969,absolutK]
SW User
[@738095,Sunflowerx] glad i could help ^^
Sunflowerx · 51-55, F
Sorry I’m not taking a break I just wanted to delete my old account is all .
I don't understand the question. If you delete it, then you can no longer access it. Similar Worlds will likely retain a copy of some it, as they likely make money selling some of the data.

Others will retain the message exchange with you for atleast a while even if you deleted yourself. All posts will stay too but with the username "SW user"
GLITTER · 36-40, F
The account will disappear but the posts remain
SW User
Not sure about pm. You can always ask admin to delete all messages which I have done and they did or ask the recipient to do so.

This is place I so addictive breaking away seems like an impossibility at times but like you I shall be taking time out like I did with Facebook before I eventually left 💙🕊✨
Sunflowerx · 51-55, F
I don’t have FB anymore [@742744,Lunova]
Deadcutie · 13-15, F
Sounds like no one really knows...

I do see comments where their profile picture has the deleted icon but their comments remain..
Sunflowerx · 51-55, F
Oh is that where an X Marks the pic [@526516,Deadcutie]
Deadcutie · 13-15, F
[@738095,Sunflowerx] yes
SW User
I think stories and comments remain but your profile is gone. Ie you can't find the name if you search for it and whilst people who did message you can send another message it'll never be seen.
Mindful · 51-55, F
Why don’t you just take a short break.
I’m sure you have done nothing wrong. Time will heal your pain.
Fernie · F
[@8567,OldMatron]There's pain? I don't see that anywhere in his post
Sunflowerx · 51-55, F
No but oldmatron was spot on . I’m at good place to delete account now 😊[@331316,Fernie]
SW User
No, the stories and pictures stay, but the account name is gone.
sw admin says yes

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