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What age were your kids when

They went into grade 12

I’m just realizing my son will start grade 12 at 16 years old. I registered him for school at the right time but I just feel that 16 in grade 12 is so young. He will graduate highschool at 17

Is this normal?
Yes seniors graduate at 17 or 18 years old this is completely normal
YMITheWayIM · 41-45, M
It is young, especially amidst a global bloody pandemic as there were extended periods of lockdowns all over the world.
Normal is a strange word nowadays.
YMITheWayIM · 41-45, M
@MrBrownstone That's great odds.
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
@YMITheWayIM Especially when you consider before Covid no one ever died.
YMITheWayIM · 41-45, M
FreeSpirit1 · 51-55, F
My son graduated and was 17 .so I'd say normal
I was 17 as well
@FreeSpirit1 most here are either 17 or 18 usually turning 18 not long after graduating
Dan was 18 when he graduated this year
@saragoodtimes Congratulations 🎊 to Dan! What does he want to do now?
@Thekeeper he starts at Penn State in the fall. Mechanical Engineering
Miklee02 · 51-55, F
Both my boys were 18
Asmae · 31-35, F
Normal. I was 17 when I graduated HS. If I remember correctly I must've started the senior year at 16 just few days before my 17th birthday since I'm a September baby.
We have a different system, here you can graduate at 17, 18 or 19 depending on the type of the school and whether you were born early or late in the year.
Josh1454 · 36-40, M
I was 18 when I graduated. Though I have friends that were 17 because they have summer birthdays.
tk9999 · 41-45, M
I was 17 at graduation too
WaryWitchWandering · 31-35, F
I was 17 at graduation
Among my friends, some graduated at 17, some at 18. It's no biggie. The natural variation in maturity of HS seniors is pretty large and not entirely age dependent. However, IF he's struggling in his classes, lack of maturity might be part of the reason.
GerOttman · 61-69, M
I was 17 all of senior year butmy birthday is in June right after the end of the school year.
chris62ca · 56-60, M
He must have a late birthday.
Jenny1234 · 51-55, F
September @chris62ca
Yes, for most. Some a bit earlier or later.
jimjim1969 · 70-79, M
17-18. I'm sure he will be ok
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
I was 16 when I started Senior Year, 17 when I graduated. I was one of the youngest in the class except for a few people who came from places where they could skip a grade. I kind of wish my parents hadn't started me in Kindergarten a year early, though. But it wasn't horrible.
TexChik · F
August birthday?
Mountainlady16 · 22-25, F
My youngest biological sister graduated at 15. I have 4 stepsister younger than her.
alkynesoftrouble · 56-60, M
My daughter was 17 when she graduated.
quietwhispers101 · 56-60, M
Nothing to worry and it's normal.

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