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So after dating a couple of months I'm figuring things out for myself

1. I don't want kids right now and it's hard to date people with them.
2. To become the person I want to be with.
3. I'm comfortable not being with anyone right now.
4. It takes a lot of people to find someone

I want to be with someone who likes improving themselves, is fun and spontaneous, and easy going. I'm gonna work on myself this year and undergo a transformation.

I'm happy to have gone from somebody afraid of dating to a person who is comfortable with it and doesn't feel the need to 馃檶
Coralmist41-45, F
Can I have a bit of your confidence? I am really terrified of dating. Mainly because I have severe anxiety and I'm unsure who would ever truly love me or stay ..once they know the depth of it. 馃槦
That is awesome you transformed!
Mordechai31-35, M
@Coralmist confidence is built from evidence, fake it till you make it 馃檶
I've discovered throughout my life that love appears when you're least expecting it. Making rules which won't apply seems counterproductive to me
Mordechai31-35, M
@ArtieKat Seems to be the case. Not rules, personal observations and such.

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