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The more you study science and technology the more spiritually poor you will become...

strait46 · 46-50, M
false, most scientists in u.s. either christian or believe in a non-personal god, god is real, according to the wisest who people who "can't prove yes or no" should follow, hawkings who wrote god made the big bang in chapter 8. and other geniuses darwin himself of evolution and more!
the real evolution written by darwin referenced bible "breathed life into a few species" that evolved into many species.
gagan1999 · 31-35, M
@strait46 then you don't understand what the spirituality is... Technology and science is the design of Satan... It makes people addicted to wealth, power and luxury...
@gagan1999 Science is very spiritual. Hubble pictures inspire more than a burning bush.
Fine with me. I like living in an evidence based world and don’t need superstitions.
DocSavage · M
…and your point is ?

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