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How can I help my wife ?

My wife said she wants a divorce we been married for only 6 months. She's starting to have feelings for my friend I think she maybe cheating on me with him she doesn't seem happy around me anymore. How can I help her ? What's wrong with her ?
Counseling is definitely needed. Did you both rush into this marriage or for a certain reason? Sounds almost like you both weren't ready to get married in the first place. Before you married did you both have respect for each other, did you fight a lot, was there good communication and trust? If you don't have these things before you're married then it's doubtful you'll have them afterwards. Sometimes people rush into things too quickly but if she's wanting a divorce already, there could be many factors here. Perhaps she's not very mature, or it could be something you are doing, it takes two. How long did you go together before you married? Do you yell at her or try to control her, I'm just asking, not accusing. But there's something definitely wrong here. It sounds like it's her, but there's two sides to a story. It's awfully quick for her to be wanting a divorce this soon. That's really weird. It sounds almost like there was no relationship to begin with, if she can't even sit down with you and discuss this. There's no communication there and where there's no communication, friendship, trust, or honesty, there's no relationship to begin with. It could be she's still very immature. I just don't know. I know a guy who said he was so loving and you would have thought he loved his wife more than anything in this universe, and how good he was to her and everything, yet he was the most abusive monster I have ever seen in my life and finally she died of cancer from the stress. I'm not going to pretend I know who's at fault here because I certainly don't, you may be the best husband in the world, but if she wants to leave that bad, I think I'd let her go but not before you tried to get help from a counselor or pastor. And I certainly wouldn't go for a divorce right away. Maybe she just needs to grow up. She should feel safe enough to come to her own husband and tell you what's bothering her. I wish you the best on this. Let us know how this turns out okay? I think people give up too quickly on marriage without even trying to work it out. It's almost like, if I don't like this outfit I'm going to change it type thing.
riseofthemachine · 36-40, M
Your not the problem . It's your wife . The question I be asking is "how can I help myself" .
I had a person who cheated on me and I left it off for a year and a half , ignored the fact that it was happening , 6 months later I ended up in a psychiatric ward of the pain of it .
Believe me I went through serious pain from difficult situations and by God by far that was the worst .
I'm single now 11 years and have no intentions of going back into a relationship.
No insecure thoughts no more .
"Where is she ? " who's she with " what are you doing ?" Where or you going " does she think he's better than me "
All the night terror thoughts which keeps you awake and mental . And will I tell you the good thing , everything passes .
So my advice is watch yourself trying to fix things cause if she sees any bit of insecurity in you , she'll hound you on that cause she knows she has you especially if you think she cheated on you .
Play cute 🤗
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
{@cityboy2001] it appears you are not the problem it is your wife . after only six months of marriage she is looking in other quarters . divorce is a bit rash as not though you arte playing away oir violent towards her . have you tried marriage councilling or basical sat down together and had afrank heart to heart to see what the problems are
Jean48 · 70-79, F
Get some counselling
BigBulge · 41-45, M
I'm sorry to say that it appears that your wife has changed her mind about her feelings for you. For your own happiness, I think that you should seek a divorce, then find somebody who deserves you.
SimplyAPerson · 18-21, F
Save yourself the heartache and leave. You deserve a loving partner, unless she wants change
Justmeraeagain · 51-55, F
Does she cry all the time,too?
samueltyler2 · 70-79, M
go for counselling.
GhostPoncho · 46-50, M
File for divorce.
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